Angel Is In Two Minds

I have had something on my mind… rolling it around my conscious- and subconscious- brain and wondering how the fork to proceed, bunnies.
You all know pretty well how I feel about relationships- the mushy, squishy phone calls and text messages and the whole snuggling when I’d rather be in the shower and trying to trust someone enough to be close to me and Damien… the whole thing REALLY drives me bananas… and just thinking about it is enough to put me in a bad mood most of the time.
And yet.
I find myself drawn into exactly what I’ve been avoiding for almost 7 years bunnies and I have surprised myself by actually LOVING it!!!
Make no mistake bunnies- I am scared shitless of the possibility of getting hurt. Of Damien getting hurt. The possibility of going through the pain of heartache and a breakup is more than enough to put me off even venturing anywhere near that area of life. And I have a problem with trusting men emotionally. In a relationship I mean. Trusting that they mean what they say. Not trusting that they are where they say they are- but that when they say something they mean it…
I have met someone who spoils me rotten every chance he gets.
Someone who pays me attention.
I have met someone who even likes Damien.
I have met someone who likes to spend time with me- and not only because the sex is fantabulous, but because he likes who I am too… and believe it or not we have discussed my paranoia, and my fears, yet he still seems willing to go ahead and actually risk a relationship with me!
So all knowing, all loving, bunnies of mine, do I throw caution to the wind and plunge head first into a classic romantic dating type relationship with a mature man who knows where he’s going?

23 thoughts on “Angel Is In Two Minds

  1. louisa: ;-P

    maggs: you’re right, not very often…

    cami: done, agreed 😀

    dyna: i must remember that- my approach is usually the opposite!

    mel: i’m working on it… 😀

    polgara: LOL

    jenty: risks are not my strongpoint… teehee

    justin: aaaw thanx dude!

    dawn: oh aren’t you just the sweetest!!?! love you tons budvo!!!

    meherenow: ~~hugs to you too~~

    s.s.n.: thanx dude… ;-D

    peong: 😀

    sweetass: i showed him your comment!!! 😀

    yellowdog granny: i’m holding thumbs girl…

    terri: aaaw thanx t- and merry merry to you too! christmas is definitely looking up!!! 😀

  2. I think you deserve to have a bit of happiness – and although I know Damien needs lots of attention, don’t you think he’s past the age where a relationship you might have would have a lasting impact on him? Maybe exposing him to what adult relationships are about is a good thing. And if the ‘worst’ did happen and you both got hurt, y’know what? I think you’d both still be okay at the end of it all.
    So in a nutshell, ja, go for it!

  3. better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all…go for it sweety…this could be it

  4. teehee… i’ll break his arms, and his legs and bust his balls if he hurts you…

    doll~face go with your gut … enjoy the ride!!!

  5. Of course, go for it—explore, dream, even fall in love. I sensed that this going on with you, dear Angel. Now I hope you will take the risk and open up to happiness

  6. Ok – so here’s how dof I REALLY am … been popping in and skeeming each time that the blurb at the top ‘hoox the kidlets up’ is your latest post. I finally noticed no date at the top of it so sussed to scroll down. Saw the post from 22nd, commented and then came back and read more. Not sure what to say re the D-man. I know the frustrations and exhaustion that comes from these kind of challenges and life-tests. I have no words of wisdom to offer mostly because my year has exhausted me. What I can offer is anything you can think of to ask me for, that I can do for you – say the word my budvo. Somwhere inside of me I feel for D because I do believe he knows he shouldn’t, but just doesn’t know how not to, yet! I love you and send you lots of vibes of lots of strength. xoxo

  7. You always find what you’re looking for when you’re not really looking at all!

    Go for it – enjoy – BUT hold a bit back just in case.


  8. Of course you must! What a question! You can’t live if you don’t take a risk. Can’t go through life wondering if things are going to fail, what if it’s meant to be, you’d never forgive yourself!

  9. Love always hopes, always trusts… that verse in Corinthians.
    Of course you must hand over your entire heart. You do everything 100% so swallow your fear, close your eyes and dive straight in.

  10. Damn, Lady! I am thrilled for you. And Damien even thinks he’s better than so-so? That’s no small feat, I bet. Hey, sometimes thngs turn out better than you expect. My grandpa always said that when approaching something important that means a lot…go in expecting it to work out just how you want it to. I swear, it just makes it nicer…and usually work out, well, you know…just how you wanted!

  11. i think if you go back and re read what you’ve just posted the answer is more than clear.

  12. Louisa took the words out of my mouth… Go For It. This guy sure does seem to be meeting a lot of the prerequisites, and honestly, how often does that happen?

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