I got injured… thats my shin!!!
I slipped on the Glugster’s kitchen steps- which he had warned me over and over again were slick after the rain… I put one foot on the bottom step and it slipped out in front of me- and I caught my full weight on my other leg, on the edge of the next step up!!!
I am still limping a little, but it’s no longer as swollen as it was last night- and only Damien heard me swearing… teehee!!!

14 thoughts on “OUCH!!!

  1. m@: of course i do…
    at least you shave.

    supermom: ouch indeed

    yellowdog granny: thanx for the tip!

    writeprocrastinator: i am such a narna!!!

    sometimes saintly nick: ok!

    faerie: it hurt like a mother trucker… still does!

    preposterous ponderings: thanx ~~sniffle~~

    louisa: it was and is!

    hairy mel: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

    sweetass: yes… yes… yes!!!!!!!!!

  2. Eina! I can see you have a boyf due to smooth pins, well a new one I should say. Old boys get furry bunnies.

  3. Walking on slippery things can be hazardous to one’s health. So can disregarding warnings from people who know about slippery things.

    As Alex would say, “OK?”

  4. Aaaaugh, I hate that! I feel for you, having spent my whole childhood jacking up my shins!

  5. malicious intent: i was furious with myself!!!

    darla: teehee, turns out the poor dude is rather squeamish when it comes to blood and injuries…

  6. Damnit, I hate when shit like that happens. I burned my hand last week when I “twitched” taking hot soup out of the microwave. I got it in cold water fast and only got 1st degree burn, one tiny 2nd degree burn under a ring on my finger I had on. It was a chunky ring and the soup got stuck under there. I hope your leg feels better soon…thats such a boney place to hit and damn you feel it there!
    Here is to all of us sexy bitches who have the middle name of ‘grace.’

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