Remember The Bed…?

Well, after it broke the first time, the Glugster managed to put it back together… but we pretty much killed it shortly afterwards.
The bed is now standing, up on its side, in his bedroom… and we are sleeping on the mattress on the floor.

See that bar in the middle? Its supposed to be straight…

The hassle now?

The bloody mattress doesn’t stay where we put it!!!

26 thoughts on “Remember The Bed…?

  1. Well the prize…let me think…

    A sassy new number from temtations to make the glugs blood boil even more

  2. ruby: yay, i’m a shoe hoe too!!!

    will: so whats the prize?

    nosjunkie: so glad you approve!

    s.s.: sorry to disappoint you, but its only me and the glug…

    bridget: hhmmm… its worth investigating…

    katy katy katy: mwaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaa

    elise: teehee… a little tricky with a teenage knucklehead in the house

  3. mhh no clue Grumpy and I broke the bed on our honeymoon in austria and went to move into another room

  4. I suggest you adjourn to the dining table. If it’s a sturdy oaken one though.


  5. What kind of freaky stuff is going on over there??
    Just how many folks you trying to roll around with in that bed at the same time?
    Good action Angel!

  6. i love the shoesies glug bought!!! I’v an absolute shoe hoe…….i have tons and tons of them!!! but those once are pretty neat;-)

  7. glugster: haven’t we?

    m@: teehee…

    yellowdog granny: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

    tattooed mama: i think we may go for the box spring… 😛

    writeprocrastinator: 😉

    allan: 😀

    sometimes saintly nick: teehee…

    faerie: hhmmm… sounds like a plan…

    eternally curious: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

    preposterous ponderings: well there was more than one session… 😀

    louisa: i’ll be looking into it!

    terri: oh yay, you’re the only one besides shebee who said anything about my shoes!!!

    jenty: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaa

    polgara: 😀

    sweetass: why thank you… and other “spots” are totally an option- except when damien’s with us!!!

  8. mwwwwwwwwwahahahahahahah…. i think leave the mattress and go look for other “spots” to do it…!!! or wear knee pads for carpet burns…. LOL

    i must admit…

    that is quite impressive…~!

  9. OK I haven’t been here in a while and I’m still coming to terms with the whole breaking-the-bed picture.

    Oh ja, and I LOVE those shoes you got for your birthday!!!

  10. Hehehehe…well done! 😉

    As for the traveling matress, you should be able to get it to stay in one place by putting it on top of some non-slip-rubber stuff you get for sale at some hardware shops.

    It’s a funny sheet of rubber material shaped into little blocks that can be cut into strips to anchor bathroom mats or carpets. I’m not sure how well it will work for you two bunnies, but it’s worth a shot?

  11. Holy hell! That must have been one wild ummm session!!!!!!

    Youy go girl!

  12. Laughing too hard!!! Gimme a minute…


    I’d say “Have fun”, but well, um, oh Hell never mind!!!!!

  13. Uhhh… I suggest platform furniture. Just sayin’.

    As for slippage… put a thin rubber mat (cut in 4 pcs) … under each corner… size of like a mouse pad?? or half of one?

  14. My ex-wife and I broke the bed in our little cabin during our brief honeymoon. We ignored it. Hell, we didn’t sleep anyway.

  15. i never got to my point with that last sentence.. you’re best bet is to either buy a sturdy metal box for a frame.. (yeah right) or just put a boxspring on the floor under the matress.

  16. you nasty nasty girl! lol. it’s alright though. my husband and i broke our bed frame and the couch frame (both from ikea and made of wood)…
    and then i got pregnant..


  17. I would suggest nailing it to the floor, but sounds like nailing it pretty good already..

  18. Any tips for making the mattress stay in place will be much appreciated…..mmmmmmm…..maybe we should turn the other way?

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