The 2008 Ferrari has been unveiled… I think she’s breathtaking!!!


  1. s.s.n.: teehee, they’re meant for racing not dating!

    nosjunkie: i too am a team supporter no matter whose driving or how they do. this is indeed gonna be a good season, i’m looking forward to it immensely lee!

  2. Angel just remember that it took a Mclaeren driver to help Ferarri to the podium hunny

    hahahahahahahaha this is going to be the best season eva!!!!!!!!!!!
    good blog rivalry on the cards I see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stiffla is more a fan of the drivers than the car and to be honest Will is too. I support the team….always the team dont care how bad their doing (thats why I still support the stormers in rugby)

  3. szarek (will): dude… who owned who last year? i believe my beloved red fire engines are adorned with the #1 & #2, as they should be…??!?!

    sweetass: mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaa
    girl… just the sound those cars make gives me goosebumps!!!

  4. it looks like a hotwheels car… and i agree with m@… no space for pleasure in that thing 😉

  5. hahahahahaha ANgel I think you are cant see past Glugs love cause Mclaren will own Ferrari this year…just as they did last year..

    The Ferrari always looked nice, but Mclaren always looked better…This Ferrari is stunning…so the Mclaren will be breathtaking….

    BTW Kovelinan will will this year( or so I hope) and if he fails Hamilton will

  6. ydg: i love cars, and i’ve been an f1 ferrari fanatic for as long as i can remember…

    cheryl: thank you!

    m@: mwaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. I haven’t popped by in ages, but just had to comment first on your new header and your new profile pic. They are so great!!!!

  8. I have never been a car buff, or at least not a new car buff..I watched them do the classic car auction over the new years and it blew me away…some of those classic cars made me gasp with joy…now those are cars..any thing about 65…not so much..

  9. I’m a McLaren fan myself but I do have to agree that the new Ferrari looks impressive. But where are the booster rockets on the back of it?! It’s going to need them if it’s going to beat McLaren this season!!! 😀

  10. lee: NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!

    my red fire engines RULE…
    and the mclarens look dreadful- or rather, they look good- but they have to ‘coz they can’t do anything else!
    we should hook up for a coupla races this year!!!

  11. That is nice we were saying so last night but Angel darling if thats the ferarri can you imagne the Mclaeren car….

    I can only see you and I are gonna have friday fights and monday arguments this season.

    By the way we buy these DVD’S after the season with a summery of all the races some behind the scenes stuff and all the nitty grittys you will do wel to get your paws on them

    Up hamilton and Covilinen

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