So Lemme Fill You All In…

Today marks the end of the fourth week in mine and the Glugster’s very new relationship… it feels a LOT longer bunnies!

I think we were very lucky in having pretty much all of our Christmas holiday to spend together, our timing was perfect! And we had ample time, which a new relationship often doesn’t have… last night was our first night apart since December 21st and it was very strange! Neither of us can quite get over how easily we fitted into each other’s lives! Damien has made himself very much at home in the Glugster’s spare bedroom, and we hardly see him when we’re there- between the pool, the fridge, the HUGE TV and his PS2… he does his own thing.

Honestly… I am still pinching myself bunnies- albeit early days yet- Glugs really is incredible! He is intelligent. He is caring. He has fantastic taste in books, music and movies. He’s funny. He spoils me every chance he gets. He thinks I’m funny and smart and sexy. He has met my family, and they all like him too. My daddy darling said he’s “a good oke” which is high praise from him. Sister B, sister C and da Bruvva like him a lot. They all reckon he’s a lot better than any of my previous boyfriends- though its been so long I dunno how they can remember my “usual”! He has met a few of my friends and they like him too.

And I met his parents! Damien was with friends so Glugs and I drove out to his folks’ place. And I got the chicken tour bunnies, starting with tiny little chicks that were still hatching and ending with these huge roosters and their little harems!!! And it only took one glass of coke for me, teehee… I took pictures and we had a braai and sang songs while his dad played the guitar (which Glugs can play too) and we were given veggies from his folk’s garden- AND I got a hug from his mom when we left. Damien’s going to enjoy it there- it’s a massive place and there are spiders everywhere, LOL!!!

You know, for the first time in my life, I am seeing someone who’s a grownup! Someone who’s life is organized. He has his own place. He has his own car. Not only is he employed- he has his own business. He’s single. Unbelievably- for me at least- he doesn’t have children! This might sound strange, but I honestly didn’t think I’d ever date someone who didn’t already have kids of his own. It just seemed that that’s the way it would be.

And an added plus for me is that he knows about Damien’s ADHD and a lot of the other drama we’ve had in the past through my blog… yet he still wants to see me…

And to answer the question a couple of people have asked- he and Damien get on like a house on fire. But truly, Damien was never the one with the relationship “issues”. It was me. And to a large extent “it” still is me… I’m still waiting for the bubble to burst… for the other shoe to drop… for my prince to turn into a frog… Damien has never minded me dating, but because he and I are a package deal any relationship I have involves him too, and we share the heartache when things go wrong. And attempting to educate someone I date with regards to Damien’s ADHD and the other gripes we have was always a massive part of what put me off getting involved with anyone. There are a lot of other issues I have added to my collection over time, I may go into them in more detail at a later stage. Some of them seem so inane when I say them out loud, but they’re very real to me.

So it’s SFSG… LOL

And no- we will not be starting a joint blog, we have not replaced the bed yet, we will not be moving in together, we are not getting married, and yes- our lives as individuals may change some- but we are not packing everything in and vanishing into couple-dom at all! I have plans with friends and family that stretch into the year already- as does Glugs- so no fear bunnies!

So that’s where we are now… if things change I’ll let you all know, teehee…

11 thoughts on “So Lemme Fill You All In…

  1. Angel, you deserve to be treated like a queen and to be happy, enjoy it, don’t spend a second thinking about your prince charming turning into a frog! One of my most favourite quotes is this;
    “We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.”
    Good Luck sweetheart!

  2. I totally get what you’re saying about how cool it is to be dating a “Grown up.” I felt pretty similar to that when Gary and I started dating years ago…I had been married before to someone who was still quite immature and still couldn’t figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up…lol…so Gary was such a breath of fresh air!

    Hope everything keeps going well!!! And let him spoil you all he can!!!

  3. i really am happy for’s great to hear about someone that is having a good relationship…good for you sweety..

  4. Glad u found your prince. Some warts might appear, some will appear but I think the fact that he is kind and loves his family and accepts Damien counts for a kazillion points.
    Is he also a Lordy chap?

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