I Think I’m Gonna Have To Go To The Doctor…

The leg I bumped at Glug’s place is so sore this morning, that I am limping worse than when I bumped it in the first place!

The bruise was invisible… but has since turned yellow all up and down my leg!

The cut itself is hurting like a mother trucker and walking downstairs as well as driving leave me cringing in pain… and I’m not a baby when something hurts either!

11 thoughts on “I Think I’m Gonna Have To Go To The Doctor…

  1. better to go and find out it’s ok..then not go and it be something serious…listen to the bf

  2. Go to see an MD! Please don’t be the idiot that I was in waiting a month after the fall through the deck steps before going to see an MD.

  3. more damage than you thought… hmmm… will don’t scare her! LOL
    go to the doctor…NOW… listen to your boyfriend!!

  4. Well say it like this…if you do nit go to the Dr. quikliy and it is a infection…welll lets just say that amputating is not fun

  5. did you clean it properly after it happened? maybe you’ve gotten some kind of a bacterial infection? ouch!!! I’m not worried about the bruising or anything….that happens…it’s the fact that your limping bad and it’s on your shin…..go to the docter right this minute…so you can stop it if it’s a bacterial infection

  6. You better go to the doctor asap. Boyfriend orders! I can’t have my GF limping around. I’ll just have to carry you around this weekend……

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