Oh My Goodness Dating Is Fun!

Glugster and I went out to eat last night!

We were initially going to go to Primi Piatti, but when he fetched me I suggested we go to Crawdaddy’s instead- its one of my favourite restaurants and I haven’t been there in a while.

When we arrived, the waitron who greeted us informed us they’d had a “mishap”… and due to some complication with the license or something- all their alcohol had been confiscated! The cops even took the cola tonic!!! The empty wine racks and display cases really looked very strange. He told us we were welcome to pop into the bottle store nearby and get ourselves a bottle of wine or something to drink with our food- but the only beverages they could offer were non-alcoholic. I giggled my ass off, but we decided to go in and eat anyway as the place smelled fantastic!!!

We opted for a table upstairs and at the far end of the room, right in front of a fan!

On Glug’s recommendation we shared a Springbok Carpaccio with balsamic vinegar and olive oil as a starter- which was divine- I’d never had Carpaccio before! And we had Coke… LOL!!! For our main meal I had a Crumbed Chicken Strips and Prawns Combo, and Glugs had Sole and Prawn Combo. He had a coffee flavoured milkshake and I had a vanilla milkshake… mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa! We were both too full for dessert…

I highly recommend Crawdaddy’s, even without alcohol bunnies, their portions are huge and their food is divine… and since I couldn’t finish my chicken and chips they went home to Damien in a doggy bag. He’s also a huge Crawdaddy’s seafood fan and was sorely disappointed when I didn’t save any of my prawns for him. Poor kid is so hard done by isn’t he…?

And to end off our evening we went to Glug’s house for coffee… and I was home before midnight bunnies!! Isn’t he a gentleman?

24 thoughts on “Oh My Goodness Dating Is Fun!

  1. “The cops took the cola tonic” … so they could make themselves some G&Ts?
    The food sounds great … mouthwatering.

  2. natalie: aren’t they just?!

    writeprocrastinator: they have all sorts of seafood!

    faerie: i am too now!

  3. Your night sounds fantastic Angel…mmm, Good food, company and wine (in your case Coke and Milkshakes!) (LOL) are just the BEST!

  4. phats: i love seafood, and yes- damien has met him. they seem to get on well.

    m@: nuh u dunno dude…

    s.s.: you know crawdaddy’s??!? cool!!!

    faerie: shall i warn you if its a food related post so you can read it the next day…?

  5. LMAO… hey girl hey!

    Good times to ya.
    and damnit I totally need to not read this at night.. I always get hungry.

  6. Well I’m surely a fan of seafood! And I am a huge Crawdad fan. I guess being fat has its expertise!

  7. Sounds like a fun date, mmmm milkshakes!! Not a fan of seafood though 🙂 but love coke haha

    has Damien met this guy?

  8. all-bunnies: i had a blast, and i’m looking forward to many more dates like this one!
    and i don’t see anything wrong with seeing glugs before friday… though it won’t happen too often what with homework and such in the week…

    glugster: no argument here babe :-D!

    mr r rabbit: get yourself down here and i’ll make sure you get a decent helping!

    gledwood: howdy & welcome i love to have a new visitor!!!

  9. gentlemen = rare commodity these days

    sorry i shouldn’t say commodity that implies “gigolo”


    that’s it

    peace + happiness 2u


  10. awww aren’t you too just to cute. I love date nights – Grumpy and I are going for a movie and dinner today

  11. I know! isn’t it awesome??
    I’m so grateful that i finally met someone who shares my genius:)

  12. Rubes we should start a club. We’re too genius to waste our talents like this! We now think the same thoughts!

  13. hey!!! I thought you guys were only gonna see each other Friday???? Oh, Bridge already mentioned that……well in that case…..I’m with bridget!

  14. Craw’s mutton korma curry is to DIE for! I love this place! I hate the staff’s uniforms at Primi, I cannot eat with all that orange clouding my vision! It messes up my appetite.

    I thought you guys were NOT supposed to be seeing other until Friday? Your restraint leaves much to be desired, I am ashamed of both of you!

  15. Its great to see you happy. 🙂

    On another note, where’s my portion of food, you’re making me hungry!

  16. Its so nice reading about you two, makes me remember when i was so excited about Chris, not that it’s worn off, its just not new anymore :0)

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