Good News And Bad News…

The good news is that I had an awesome weekend with Damien and The Glugster. He picked us up on Friday and I spent pretty much the whole of Friday night and Saturday with my leg up- doctor’s orders. Today, Sunday, we went to The Lion Park and then just down the road found a crocodile farm! Very cool, lots of photo ops and lunch at Mugg & Bean. My leg is a LOT better! It has started itching, which I s’pose is a good thing, but its very annoying.

I have come to a decision this weekend, since I spent most of it lying on the couch with my leg in the air and having nothing better to do.

Blogging and the internet in general has pretty much taken over my life, to put it very bluntly. I love it. I love all of you. I cannot imagine my life without it or you! I am very likely addicted to it and I just about go mad without the contact I get through it!!! Hell it sounds pathetic doesn’t it! Honestly, as much as I keep telling myself I have a handle on it, I have to admit that I don’t think I do.


Step One: I will be taking the next week off- from blogging and email and Skype and such… except at work when it’s quiet (ja I know… you can stop giggling now)… so there will be one or two emailed posts, and I will visit as many of my favourite blog haunts as I can during the day, but please forgive me for being scarce for a little while.

Step Two: I will not be switching my laptop on at home. And trust me bunnies, this is harder for me than trying to stop smoking!

Step Three: I am going to get my arse in gear again and- literally and figuratively- get my house in order again. Get back into the homework-supper-bath-talk-housework routine…

Step Four: when I’m sorted, I will not switch my laptop on until after Damien and I have eaten, bathed and finished homework etc.

Wish me luck bunnies… I am so not the domesticated type and I loathe housework of any kind. But this has to be done- especially with Damien back at school and such. I need to start functioning “FlyLady style” and I’ve been putting it off for way too long. As it is I’ll be playing catch-up in the evenings after work…

I’ll miss you all tons, but I will be back in a week!


22 thoughts on “Good News And Bad News…

  1. You’re switching off, powering down, and disappearing (somewhat)?


    That’s just SOOOOOOO unfair to the rest of us addicted bloggers!!!!!!


  2. simply curious: i have gained a lot from blogging girl, but daily chores are falling behind…

    malicious intent: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

    michelle hix: oh crap, i didn’t even have laundry on my to-do list!

    dawn: i won’t be disappearing girl, and i hope you and terri can hook up somehow!

    yellowdog granny: my life is online… teehee… real life and household chores are interfering!

    louisa: i already couldn’t stick to them…

    the not so “new” mom on the blog: love you madly tjomma!

    sweetass: seems i owe you a bottle of wine eh…? mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

    melany aka supermom: mwaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaa… quickly checking never works for me!

    bridget: i’m so sorry i upset you, b dahlink… i’ll be back- full steam ahead- soonest!

    ruby: i’m gonna need it!

    jenty: i’m gonna try…

    szarek (will): um, thanx?

    lordwiggly: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    meherenow: my break really has nothing to do with me being all loved up, my house really is a train wreck! i’ll be back soon!

    katy katy katy: i can imagine…

    sheena gates: in my bestest arnie voice i’ll be back

    southern sage: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    faerie: no you don’t, i love your work!

    natalie: yay, someone thinks i’m funny!!!

  3. You are so funny Angel, you have inspired part of my post!I am glad you had a lovely weekend and are giving your leg some much needed rest!x

  4. LOL
    Okay, as I never really get addicted to anything except cigs… I go dayyyssss without shit to say. I know, I suck at this game.

  5. well good luck!!!!!
    but I’m trying to figure out how being on your back with your legs could have been a bad thing!?!?!?

  6. FFS!!!!!!

    I am not happy with this either. What is with all of my favourites lately?



    (will miss you)

  7. you know it was so hard not to have internet in Germany but after a few days it did get easier

  8. Did I not SPECIFICALLY say DO NOT forget about us now you’re all loved up?! Were you not paying ANY attention at all???

    I’m upset – yeah blah blah “good for you” blah blah as everyone else has said but I will add this – What about all us (ok me) people out here who DON”T have a life to be getting on with? You’re just going to abandon us (me)?

    Well fine then sod off!!

    I will be back – will you?!?!?!

    (only joking! take care big hugs XX)

  9. You’re totally reading this right now, aren’t you? Hey, hey! Admit it!! Hehee.

    Back to life, back to reality…

  10. Good luck, it’s gonna be tough, but I completely understand. I try to do the same, that’s why my posts are mostly done at around 10pm! But, I’m still spending too much time here!

  11. OOOh! Nooooo!!!

    I know how you feel, I sympathize and empathize. Since The Pickle came on board, I hardly ever sit on comp after work. It’s liberating.



    Is most unfair that you must be selfish and get addicted to blogging etc etc.

    Totally miffed at this!


  12. I have had to do something similar. I only switch on my laptop after the boys have gone to bed. That’s it. Or else I quickly check this or that and HOURS later I’m still at it. Nope…I only switch on once they are asleep

  13. ok people…i’ll be taking bets on this one… wmmmmmmmmahahahahahaha…angel honestly… mwhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahaha… i give you two days… you can buy me a bottle of our fav wine if i win… which i will… i am such a good friend eh??!!! glad you’re feeling better!!!

  14. I am so proud of you for this and yes I absolutely agree with everything you wrote – Take charge again and then maybe when I phone you to pop over it will be ok instead of you giving me (your best friend that is used to everyting) the I have to tidy the house line………………!!!!! Love you madly and I WILL pop around sometime during the week to see you because I can and because I miss you madly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Aaah, yes. In all things balance hey? 😉 Blogging is fun but it does tend to suck you right in, doesn’t it?

    Good luck angel…seems that you have made some good rules to help you out.

  16. wow…some one got a life..good for you sweety..good for you..
    we’ll miss you..but know you will be back…js

  17. Good for you … if you know there’s other stuff that should be getting your time and attention … go pay it there … just don’t disappear – don’t think I could cope without you.
    Glad to hear the leg is getting better – I was worried. Love you budvo. xoxoxo
    p.s. have you read that terri is going to be in NYC – we’ve exchanged emails and hoping we might be able to meet up. keep you posted.

  18. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about my little blogging problem lately too…as I sit here and look at all the laundry I am not doing…oh well, see ya soon!

  19. May the force be with you! You might need something closer to a 12 step program.

  20. I totally know the feeling. I had to delete Yahoo messenger from my computer. Of course I could still check my messages from my phone.. Blogging can sometimes be an outlet, but when it begins to take away or add to ‘real life’ sometimes you need to take baby steps back.

    It seems to me like you’ve gained a lot from blogging, and since it’s only affecting you in positive ways, I don’t see why you even need to break. My power was out for a whole week and I went nuts not being able to look at my computer.

    Enjoy the break. Sometimes it’s easier than you think it’ll be.

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