Okay bunnies- no laughing allowed y’hear!!!

I know I said I wasn’t going to be around apart from one or two posts- but I have done a lot of housework tonight, and I figured this particular event was fairly blog-worthy…

I have got to have my fire extinguishers refilled… either that or I’m going to have to install smoke alarms in Damien’s bedroom. Is there such a thing as a smoke alarm? I think one of those fire alarms that need flames to sound will be too slow…

This time though- it wasn’t entirely Damien’s fault… I say “entirely” because I’m not sure. Anyhoo, his computer mouse caught fire!!! The whole flat is again filled with smoke, the horrible stinky electrical kind.

29 thoughts on “Foiled…!!!

  1. ` WTF?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

    ` Also – EWWWW!

    ` We have such great smoke alarms that we had to disable them. In this tiny little apartment, they would both go off whenever someone took a shower! They would also go off in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.

  2. e.c.: well, since i know he smokes he doesn’t hide them anymore… musta been something else!

    ydg: i’m definitely going to get me some!

  3. holy shit! scary is that..never heard of the mouse catching fire before…
    and they do make smoke texas all apts are required to have them…cost about $9-10…

  4. Ummmm – ok – I’m betting burnt mouse does a pretty good job of covering up burnt cigarette?

  5. jenty: hah… luckily i wasn’t finished cleaning!

    faerie: they’re not required in south africa- only business premises have strict rules around fire prevention and such

    supermom: it was and i dunno!

    sometimes saintly nick: heh heh… maybe it’ll stop him smoking in his bedroom!

    sheena gates: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you’re a scream doll…

    darla: teehee, glad i could make you giggle…

    katy katy katy: um… i think if you work with it really fast, the friction against the mouse-pad may ignite the fluff that builds up inside the mouse over time…?

    preposterous ponderings: really? you think?

    szarek (will): see my reply to katy… heh heh

    ruby: well, i did say i’d be posting occasionally via email and i’d be reading at work when i could…

    bridget: my life would be easier with smoke detectors i reckon…

    simply curious: i can say “lawsuit”… but i doubt i’ll have a chance there with damien’s history…

    nosjunkie: mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaa… you mean you couldn’t tell?

    the not so “new” mom on the blog: heh heh… check my reply to katy!

    elizabeth: kind of eh?

    natalie: it did indeed!

    mel fellow blog addict: wooohoooooo! i got a promotion!!! i’m a blog nympho!!!

    jason evans: that’s what i thought… :-p

    m@: i’ll tell him!

    dyna girl: and i’ve been lucky several times!!!

    sweetass: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa… after payday!

  6. Yikes…I am fire-starting paranoid even though I have caused two near misses post-paranoia! You are so fucking lucky. Just how does this happen? Oh God, plastic smells RANK melted. mwah!

  7. Whoa. That is seriously weird.

    The way it burned, it looks like something burned next to the mouse and melted the edge.

  8. Mmmh? Wonder where Damien gets that addictive personality from?
    You have now being promoted from comment slut to blog nympho.

  9. You just couldn’t do it, could you sweet Angel? In all honesty, I am glad cause this post and picture of a burnt mouse is so funny! That really must have stunk the place out!

  10. ha ha ha…..knew you couldn’t stay away!!!!

    Angel my dear friend, in all honesty, how does a mouse just catch on fire? hehehehe
    it’s not like D doesn’t have a history of burning things……….OMG Teenagers!!!

  11. If indeed, it wasn’t his fault, like he didn’t tinker with it, or accidentally leave a cigarette burning on it or something, can you say lawsuit?

    On another note. *shaking finger at you* I fully expect you to be gone for a week after this.

  12. I trusted you!

    I thought you were going to doit for real!

    I didn’t even try to catch you out by coming to see if you have blogged.

    And then, today I come and WHAT?


    I’m so happy you have no willpower!!

    And yes, there are smoke detectors, they are designed to make the lives of people who live in posh apartments buildings a living hell.

  13. hmmm……so you didn’t even last one day? but it’s alright, we’ll fogive you…it was a momentous thing…and you did manage to do a lot of house work…LOL

    a mouse catching fire……i suspect there is a darker secret here……..

  14. OK that might be the grossest thing I’ve ever seen! Absolutely hilarious as always Angel..

  15. Ok, sorry, but:




    That being said, please (I beg of you) please tell us how D managed this one? Who’s mouse catches fire, I mean really – thats sooo last season 😉

    Yay! You are a true blogger. COuldn’t even do one day. I love it!

  16. I’ve never before encountered a burnt computer mouse!

    Of course there are smoke alarms. My house is filled with them, although their batteries need replacing. One warning: smoke alarms can be activated by cigarette smoke.

  17. GEEZZZ!

    and yes … dont you have smoke alarms there? they are required in ALL rental property here in TX, and Im guessing all states.

    The fire depts will give them to you if you ask I think.

  18. OMW! Glad the fire got put out before more damage was done. Eww at the thought of the smell though, there goes all your hard work at cleaning up the place.

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