What Do I Want For Christmas?

Y      Four small fire extinguishers

Y      Three battery-operated, self-adhesive, smoke detectors

Y      A set of extractor fans that I can mount in a window

Y      Fabric friendly, fire-retardant spray… for everything in Damien’s room

Y      New curtains for Damien’s bedroom

Y      A lie detector

20 thoughts on “What Do I Want For Christmas?

  1. szarek (will): tut tut will!

    ruby: innit just…?

    louisa: i couldn’t make it a birthday wishlist- that’s even further away!

    polgara: ‘coz my built-in mommy one doesn’t always work and i’d like a back-up

    n.s.n.m.o.t.b.: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    e.c.: that’ll be an expensive bonfire… i dunno about signs hey… damien has just always loved matches and lighters and candles and such.

    katy katy katy: teehee… i’ll keep hinting!

    dawn: aw int ddtf just the sweetest!!?!

    sheena: ~~gasp~~

    cami: me too cami, me too!

    faerie: thanx girl

    nat: not very romantic is it…?

    goblin: ah so you’re a firebug too eh?!?

    y.d.g.: i’m definitely going to have to make a plan…

    p.p.: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaa

    s.s.n.: i dunno dude, i wish i could see what he was burning coz i’m pretty sure it was more than a cigarette!

    bridget: coz i’m impatient

    sweetass: ah, got it in one girl! what else can i do eh?

  2. OK – sowwy – maybe not cigs as kindlin’ – mebbe just the bonfire will work to get this outtin the open?

    I’m akshully fishin’ for answers – ‘cuz PJ has also shown signs of being a Fire Bug, off and on (fortunately for us, more off than on – so far!)

  3. i just wanted to say!!… christmas was the other day dollface… LOL… but i think you’re laughing so that you don’t have to cry…

  4. Ooooh, after the pic of that mouse, all very good ideas!
    Says the girl who at six years old lit a lampshade on fire because she wanted to see if it would burn.

  5. Why don’t you make your list a valentines list, anything to get what you need sooner! hee hee

  6. ahhh Angel. Im lost as to what to say, I mean you know my kids do shit too…. just not life threatening yet to the whole family, only themselves. *sigh* Someday. (repeat as necessary)

  7. Oh hunnie. I’ll put in a word with Santa. I’ll go sit on his lap and talk about the first thing that pops up…

    hee hee, sis rude joke!

  8. You realize this could be the post tat gets DDTF to leap onto a plane and come rescue you from your non-fire-proof/safe environment. Yussis, budvo … I tried to work out what the pic might be of before reading the post that went with it. Jokes aside, a smoke detector is essential – and a fire hydrant. As much as I would love to though, the doosie is now full and closed.

  9. Hmmm – interesting. There’s an adage that says the best way to combat a thing – is to do the thing. Any chance you can get Damien out somewhere to build and experience a really, really big bonfire – using cigarettes as kindling? (^_^)

  10. Hehehehe! You are not doing too bad for someone that is going to “slow down” on the blogging side of things!!!! Anyways I think the lie detector might just be a good investment although the smoke detectors seem rather needed at this moment – I think you should change it to an easter wish list because you might not have a house left by the time Christmas comes around!!!!

  11. I too find comfort in having a list…never hurts to be prepared, right?

    But I must say this is by far the earliest that I have EVER seen a Christmas wish-list appear.

  12. All seems to protect and detect an fire? hmmmm I wonder why? 🙂

    A lie detector….nah man lieing is fun…well white lies

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