Woah… Somebody Pinch Me!!!

I figured this was also “blogworthy”… on the way to the car this morning, Damien told me this morning that he’s getting really hot and he thinks he’d like his hair cut!!!
I asked him if he wanted it off short and he said yes, long enough to spike on top- but off short- so we’re prolly going to the barber at the end of the month!

17 thoughts on “Woah… Somebody Pinch Me!!!

  1. Glugster: snigger

    Szarek (Will): I passed on your views dude… he just says he can’t take the heat!

    Goblin: its been well over a year since his last haircut…

    MeHereNow: funny enough, he says no- no girl/s!

    sweetass: your suggestion has been passed on…

    Writeprocrastinator: well… he hasn’t yet!

    Natalie: perhaps… anything is possible!

    Nosjunkie: teehee I have to agree!

    ADD Tracy: mwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa, thanx girl! the girls have always rather liked him… part of my parenting nightmare!

    yellowdog granny: teehee… reverse psychology eh?

    Allan: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa… okay okay!

    M@: hhmmm… praps

    Sometimes Saintly Nick: see- I knew you’d all wanna know!

    Eternally Curious: abso-friggin-lootly!!!

    ruby: he looks great either way, he’s very lucky… and you will so see photos!

  2. that’s because you didn’t tell him to cut his hair..he will eventually do alot of things you want him to do…if y make it seem like it was his idea all along..ha

  3. I hope when he spikes it on top he also chooses to dye it blue. 🙂
    Now that would be cool!

    Damn he has gotten big, and friggin gorgeous as well!
    Tell him he’s not the only one who thinks he’s hot.
    I’ll betcha a pretty penny that there’s some girls at school that would agree.

  4. HAHAHA I cant believe it….
    dont think Will is going to support Damien in his hairless herassy

  5. As someone who still keeps it long on the top, I advise you to move fast and not wait until Friday, because he’ll definitely change his mind.

  6. remind him that winter’s just around the corner!! he can always cut it after winter… but then again, it’s not my hair right!

  7. WOW! See wonders never cease! Ah the joy of teenage hormones!! I take it there’s girls involved in this decision?!


    Why? ok sure my hiar aint nearly as lo0ng,but hell…Long hair just rules

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