Revenge Of The Offspring Part XXCMLLCV

I have Damien’s flu… fargin marvellous!
And whilst he was fine just staying indoors and in bed and sucking on lozenges and downing Cherry-Menthol Med-Lemon, I had to go to the doctor and I am again on antibiotics (after already taking a hectic dose for my cellulitis) and being treated for sinusitis to stop it turning into bronchitis!
and then this morning when I dropped Damien off for his lift I looked at him and said: “don’t you have art today?” and he swore under his breath because he’d left his stuff at home! And then I had the audacity to roll my eyes because this means another detention and me having to fetch him… and he jumped out the car and slammed the door yelling at me “WHY ARE YOU CROSS!? I’M THE ONE WHO’S GOING TO BE IN TROUBLE!!” before I had a chance to say anything or say goodbye!

15 thoughts on “Revenge Of The Offspring Part XXCMLLCV

  1. Hope you get better soon, Angel … and that the boys (old & young) are giving you some TLC.

  2. sweetass: oh its such fun its fargin frightening…

    nosjunkie: oh boy…

    t.n.s.n.m.o.t.b.: ag shame tjomma! feel better! gotta love the kidlets…

    faerie: normally i would drive to the school to try and drop the stuff off, and with detention i would end up fetching him because his lift can’t wait all afternoon… and he knows it messes with my schedule and his!

    ruby: thanx ruby!

    goblin: teehee, ta!

    polgara: its much better! still a little bruised, and tender, but much much better!

    louisa: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa

    bridget: ja ja, i breathed, and yes it is… but he shoulda been prepared after i reminded him the night before like i always do!

    katy katy katy: ta dino!

    mel: he is isn’t he…

    yellowdog granny: fork i hope so…

  3. Are these things part of the alleged “joys” of motherhood angel? 😐

    How rude…

    Hope your baby is in a better mood tomorrow and that you at least get a goodbye.

  4. Aww man, send him over to me for lessons on how to sweet talk your way out of detention 😛
    Feel better Angel!

  5. Why after how many fucking years of getting up and going to school do they still forget shit??? I dont understand. Mine do it alla time, usually I have to take it to the school, and I just call from the car, tell the admin to send them out. (this annoys them all)
    I dont care, Im annoyed that I had to drive it up there!

  6. I am also getting flu (heaven only knows where it is coming from because my family hasn’t got the sniffles?). Hope you feel better too! Ahhhhhh kids – don’t you just love em? hehehehehe

  7. he sounds like me when I was a kid… I was and probably still am the most forgetfull thing on the planit and I had a temper that could burn right through you

  8. oh my… aint it just so much fun having teenage kids??? hope you feel better soon!!!! no fun being sick!

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