My Turn To Moan About Eskom!

And A Joke…

Gatiep and Karools are sitting on death row. Gatiep says to the Warder, “Does this take long and is it painfull? ” Warder say’ s : “No they just strap you in and flick the switch and its over. “
Karools is called in, moments later Gatiep hears screaming, shouting and this carries on for quite a while.
Gatiep says to the Warder : “I thought you said it was quick and painless.”
Warder replies that as result of the load shedding they have to use candles.

6 thoughts on “My Turn To Moan About Eskom!

  1. allbunnies: you have no idea what its been like! i think i could live with it if it wasn’t every day and if the powers that be actually stuck to their damn schedule…
    and i REALLY wish you could understand the afrikaans song lyrics- the translation doesn’t do it justice…

  2. ` Aaahaaa haaa! Does the power really go out all the time over there?

    ` Though we don’t have power company problems, we do have wiring issues in this building – the neighbor is really angry because our heater and the downstairs neighbors’ speakers are connected to the same circuit as his TV, fridge, computer and alarm clock.

    ` Did you know the joke is repeated twice?

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