So Has Your Kidlet Just Started Grade One In Sowff Effrika?

If so, then like me when Damien started school, you are prolly astounded by the amount of homework these poor little munchkins get everyday!!!

The handwriting practice and such I could handle, but I think the homework item that drove me the most barmy was the whole “find pictures of items starting with the-letter-of-the-alphabet-specified-for-the-day”.

I do not buy magazines except to indulge my rather expensive wedding magazine fetish, and when Damien started school I had a collection of Cosmopolitan and Living & Loving that would put a library to shame. And then at one stage I got bored with Cosmo and started buying FHM… and none of these are particularly conducive to “find the picture” school exercises if you know what I mean…

Mommy darling to the rescue- she and my daddy darling had a stack of Getaway and You magazines and once I put my Living & Loving mags to work, they got us through the first few weeks.

But this didn’t stop… and it continued through grade one, two and three and expanded to include word searches as well!!! So by the middle of his first year I had had enough of paging through magazines that had next to nothing left in them, and started collecting pictures in a box.

Whenever I got a magazine from my mommy darling, I would go through it and tear out every word or picture that was easily identifiable and may possibly prove useful for a homework assignment. I did not cut them out as the cutting is part of the homework you see… but after a few months I had every letter of the alphabet covered and I could toss the damn-near shredded magazines instead of having them lie heaped up collecting dust between homework assignments just-in-case!!! The box was one that used to contain a little letter writing set with matching envelopes and writing paper, and it was big enough to put the fronts of usable Christmas and birthday cards in too! The pictures were in no kind of order or anything so Damien still had to go through it and find the pictures he needed- since identifying the sound of the letter and matching it to a word is also part of the homework!

I tell you bunnies, that box of pictures was regularly restocked, and it worked very well for us for Damien’s entire primary school career!

11 thoughts on “So Has Your Kidlet Just Started Grade One In Sowff Effrika?

  1. ruby: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

    sweetass: snigger… if there’s a shortcut, i’ll find it!
    well done, good grief you are pro active aren’t you! i’m not… bad mommy

    sheena: i got bored with it after a few years…

    jenty: why thank you!

    mel: teehee… don’t speak too loudly girl!

    solipsist soliloquist: i would love to know from the getgo! and i take every opportunity to enlighten damien as to how the world really works!

    m@: i never said i was normal did i?

    sometimes saintly nick: maybe it’s a south african thing…?

    malicious intent: glad i can help out a bit!

    yellowdog granny: ta, do i get a certificate?

  2. What a great idea. My son’s homework assignments started coming home like that and the only magazines I kept in the house were beading/jewelry supplies ones. Everything else I want to read I read on the net (big on saving a tree that way.) But we could always snag magazines from neighbors and family. Great idea.

  3. Thankfully I don’t remember my sons being assigned that type of homework—ever.

  4. Did you know that Sewth Ahfrikuns sound like Oztraylians to us. Oddly similar.

    My littlest guy is in Grade 1 and he gets homework but he is learning to read and it is fun..especially since my goodladywife is a grade 2 Teacher.

    So I am basically persona non grata because I want to teach him critical thinking and BS detection…like right now! Imagine if you found out that the social engineers were trying to make you a sheeple right from the getgo? Wouldn’t it be great to find that out as soon as possible?
    Neither does his Mom.

  5. Ha, you have a hidden side my little Betty Crocker! Fab idea, I will start to do for Becks for next year.
    Love it!

  6. thanx for the advice Angel. But i suspect by the time i have kiddies that age the assignments will be more in the direction of: Find picture on the internet….or sync your brain chip to the wireless internet and project a picture starting with the letter of the alphabet through your eyes on the white screen at the front of the class….LOL

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