Yet More Interweb Search Items

F shark flasher girls I posted about the always cute Blue Bulls (my rugby team) girls once and bemoaned the fact that I couldn’t find pictures of the Natal Sharks girls to compare them to!

F perceptions of divorce anger Aaaaalrighty then… does anyone remember me posting about divorce?

F angel the sitcom Way-hay, I have my own sitcom! Waaaait a second, where the fork are my royalties??

F badge bunnies web sites Now here I understand how the “bunnies” got to me…

F picture of strawberry tattoo Hey cool! I have one of those!!!

F gray anatomy single mom I have seen some of Grey’s Anatomy, is there a single mom in there somewhere?

F divorced parents disagree on ADHD meds Now THIS happens a lot! I think I blogged about it once.

F 100 reasons to say thank you Right now, I think I may be able to list 10 off the top of my head…

F Ritalin experience Ah well, this is self explanatory I think!

F fucking a single mom Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa…

F angel carrying baby tattoos Someone would want a tattoo like this?

F fuck mommy fuck twice Good grief… would this be a curse phrase, or something to do?

F slippery angel Well I dunno if I’m so slippery…!!?!

F angel slippery Ditto this one… LOL

F “gave me a facial” Oh yes please!!! Me too!

F privileged seat of the mind This clearly isn’t in my head… at least, there’s no furniture there that I know of!!!

F mom cleavage Okay, now THIS is an obvious one!

F bikes for handicap kids I think this one is linked to my nephew N’s story

F forklift Christmas card Okay, I have no idea why anyone would want a forklift on a Christmas card??!

F list of memes for blogs I know I’ve done a lot of memes, but I don’t remember making a list anywhere… so um, Googling person- did you find one?

F Linda Evangelista is the supermodel known for her chameleon like ability to change herself with the season. in her spare time she likes to breed one kind of animals I know I mentioned her once… but I get this search a LOT! Anyone know what she breeds?

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  1. Scary isn’t it?
    I suppose that with millions of bloggers tapping away that anything is possible…although there will always be plenty of sex stuff out here…I am afraid to look at a lot of them…I might like them!

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