16 thoughts on “Here’s The Haircut!!!

  1. stacy: hey newbie!!! i love new visitors who comment- thank you for the visit and the compliment!

  2. I love your site, sent here through M@
    Anyway, I loved long hair on males when I was a kid, no matter how horrible a person they were. Now, older, wiser, with better taste, short hair is the hottest! He’s very handsome.

  3. jenty: he does look different doesn’t he!?! i kept looking at him twice last night!

    camikaos: yup, i told you so!

    yellowdog granny: oooh… now that sounds intriguing!

    preposterous ponderings: been there done that… and nowadays i have to beat the boys off too!

    writeprocrastinator: mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaa

    goblin: no he’s not- not at his school!

    sweetass: i will miss it too, but he’ll prolly grow it again…

    bridget: innee just?

    nosjunkie: he was disappointed that he looked younger

    mel: mwaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa… don’t let him hear that!

    ruby: i think he’s used to it already- i’m still doing a double take!

  4. awe….he looks completely different!!! good! but different:-) he’s gonna take a while to get used to it though

  5. oh boy, i’m gonna miss his long hair! he looks so different… good, not bad mind you 😉

  6. He is so handsome!

    Best be prepared to beat all of the girls off of him.

  7. oh man….he is soooo cute…I think I have a teenage girlfriend for him if you ever make it to texas…

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