On Fly-Fishing, Driving, Rain, Going No-Meds and Rivers…

Our weekend was bucking frilliant bunnies!
And- apart from poor Glugster coming home with a cold- highly enjoyed by all!
Friday night we went to my mommy and daddy darling’s to do some scrapbooking. Glugster fetched me and we left the knucklehead at home with KFC and his PS2. Glugs was kept entertained (as were we all) by my nephew N, and he and my daddy darling chatted over a couple of beers whilst my mommy darling and I attempted to do some scrapping. I did one page, like I usually do, but I wasn’t REALLY in the mood when I got there so I did a lot less than I usually do.
When we’d finished, we headed for Glug’s place and got an early night’s sleep as there was no electricity when we got there! It had been off since noon and I think it only came on again around 1am Saturday!
We were up early on Saturday to get going to Waterval Boven, and ‘coz we were waiting for my sister C who was fetching my car for the trip. She and her other half had suddenly developed car trouble with both their vehicles… but as they had already paid for their trip I loaned them my car. They left before Glugs and I and we set off after packing the car.
We stopped along the way for lunch at a Steers and got the worst service I’ve had in a long time- we didn’t even get our drinks let alone our burgers so we left and got a couple of pies at the garage shop instead.
Our trip was uneventful, and the roads were fairly quiet. I took lots of pictures along the way of course… When we got to the lodge and unpacked the car my daddy darling was already preparing the rods we would be using and after applying sunblock we headed for the dam. The dude at the dam who filled in our licenses and permits was painfully slow and it took well over half an hour to issue seven licenses and permits! Sister C’s significant other was itching to get to the water as the weekend away was his birthday pressie from her and he had all new gear!!!
Glugs, Damien and I each had a rod as well, and Glugs casts like a pro! He’d only ever tried fly-fishing once before and he did really well. Sadly… we didn’t catch anything! The dams are so full of bugs and worms that have been washed in there after weeks of rain that the fish are fat and very well fed- they are not the least bit interested in artificial flies! Glugs and I had sore feet and his shoulders were sore as well, but we had a lot of fun. We were pretty much exhausted and in bed early after a braai with the famdamily at the lodge. Sister C, her other half and his daughter headed for the dam early on Sunday morning again, but Glugs and I opted to sleep in instead. Then my mommy and daddy darling took Damien and headed back to the dams after brunch and Glugs and I headed for Nelspruit and Kaapsehoop.
Glugs had been to Kaapsehoop before, it’s an old mining town and the horses that the miners took there were released when the mines went belly-up and they’ve since run wild. We found three little herds of horses. They’re not afraid of people at all, and the residents allow them to roam free as they’ve become quite a tourist attraction! We were headed for Nelspruit to find a chemist as well as to do some sightseeing… we saw a crater along the way where a meteor or something struck Africa millions of years ago- and if you don’t know it’s a crater it doesn’t register as such- but Glugs pointed it out and stopped along the way so I could see the whole thing. It’s magnificent, and the photos don’t do it justice at all! And Kaapsehoop is so pretty. The houses are mostly made of wood and most of them are B&B type places. There are these huge grey rock pillars all over the area and people walk amongst them and quite literally disappear they’re so big. We didn’t go walking as we were running out of time… but I had to giggle when we were forced to stop along the road and have a wee in the bushes as we were getting desperate, which I haven’t done since I was like five… and then we found a garage on the side of the road about 10 minutes later!!!
And we were looking for a chemist (unsuccessfully) because you see, Damien took his last meds on Saturday, and while I usually make sure he has enough not to run out- for some reason I didn’t this month and he had no meds on Sunday. Luckily he was fishing, which is different and exciting and so highly engrossing for him… but poor Glugs, in his unwell state, has now had the “misfortune” to be one of the few people to see Damien on a day when he’s not medicated. It’s a little difficult to describe as I have gotten used to a lot of Damien’s ADHD antics over the years, but basically he doesn’t stop talking and he talks loudly. He over reacts to everything, and his mood can change instantly from giggling to sulking and stomping his feet. He was okay in the car if he was playing cell-phone games… sorry Glugs.
Anyhoodle, the weekend was splendid, and spending it with my sweetheart and my family was just marvelous!
I’ve posted a bunch of pics from the weekend on my photoblog with a description list at the bottom, and you can click on them to enlarge them.

8 thoughts on “On Fly-Fishing, Driving, Rain, Going No-Meds and Rivers…

  1. elise: two weeks and a bag of chips… hhmmm, sounds like damien’s relationships!

    katy katy katy: thanx girl!

    allan: snigger we were sharing a room with damien so we had to behave ourselves!

  2. You guys sound so cute! Even when you have bad luck; glugs getting sick, no electricity, breaking the bed (thats a classic!), you pull together and have a laugh about it.

    You’re son sounds like a guy I used to date in school; doesn’t stop talking loudly, over reacts, mood changes… We dated for two weeks. We were both 13 and he bought me a bag of chips


  3. nosjunkie: i find flyfishing incredibly relaxing!

    sweetass: ja jong… usually if i know he’s got no meds we stay home where i can keep him busy and distracted without driving everyone around him barmy!

    mel: teehee… innit just?

  4. nice! teehee… i loved your description of an unmedicated damien… good grief i can just imagine! glad you had so much fun 😉

  5. that sounds like so much fun bunny… I ahve never done the fly fishing thing but I love to fish

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