Back To Normal…

February is over and done with… today is the last day- leap year day. And yesterday was hectic- I am working my cute li’l backside (not) off at work and enjoying it too… and then all of a sudden at lunch time I felt like I was getting a cold- stiff neck, sore ears, scratchy throat. Damn! I have too much to do this weekend to get sick now…

And yesterday was my Granny Darling’s 83rd birthday! I so badly wanted to go and have coffee with her after work, but I was afraid to go near her with my newly acquired cold! She’s doing REALLY well bunnies- she is now home with a “nurse” from 7 to 7 who helps her dress and get in and out of bed and such. She also cooks lunch and such so my granny can take it easy.

Then last night, The Glugster took me out to dinner. Yes bunnies- we had a date- and we went to Cape Town Fish Market for sushi!
We sat at the conveyor-belt table thingy where the chefs are in the middle and you can watch as they prepare the dishes. This time I tried a little more of everything- except the tuna- and I just love the salmon! I took pictures of course, and I watched intently as the chef prepared each dish. Its unbelievable what they manage to achieve with one mother trucker size knife!!!

And on the arachnid front (I think most of you know how I love spiders), on the weekend I found a brown widow in the guest loo* at Glugs’ place. She was living behind the maid’s clothing that is hung up behind the door, and she’d been there long enough to shed at least once. She was just gawjiss– but I asked Damien to take her outside into the garden so she wouldn’t get squished should the maid spot her. And of course I didn’t want her to get bitten either. So Damien duly took her out into the garden and hung the clothing back up in the loo. In the week Glugs said he thought he’d seen her again- the widow that is- outside his front door. I didn’t see her when I got there on Wednesday night though. Then last night Glugs announce that she was back, in the guest loo, behind the clothes! Is that not awesome! I’ve never seen a spider do that- move back to where she was after being taken outside! And there’s a wolf spider living in Glugs’ living room. He has wooden floors and the one day we were going shopping or something and as he put his shoe on she appeared next to his shoe. We’d already known she was there so we keep an eye out for her. Glugs stopped putting his shoe on and slowly pulled it back so we could see her properly. As I knelt down to see her better she tried to make a break for her hidey hole in the corner- and she was slipping on the wooden tiles like cats and dogs do! I hosed myself- I never imagined a spider could also slip on the floor! OOH- and I found a spitting spider in Glugs’ bathroom the night before last! They’re small, but with a very distinctive shape and colouring. SO pretty!

* ‘coz naturally its easier to use the guest loo than to schlepp upstairs!


How is your day progressing?



Wish I could say the same…

By lunch time I was starving after Damien and I overslept this morning. So I decided to dash home quickly and grab some 2-minute noodles and come back to work. I was sleepy too and the drive would wake me up. I pull into the parking lot at home and after frantically searching my handbag, the cubby-hole*, the floor of the car, the back of the car and every nook and cranny I could find I realised Damien gone on camp with the house keys. We have one set at the moment because he can’t find his, and this morning I sent him back upstairs quickly after I got to the car because I’d left a file behind!


Thankfully I found out now and not after work…

One of the teachers on camp is coming home today and- if he remembers- will bring my keys with him and I’ll pick them up at the school after work.

Now I have a headache, my left arm hurts (a pain I think is caused by stress) and I blew money on McDonalds take out.

And my phone is seriously annoying the crap out of me. I have hated it from day one and it REALLY isn’t trying to improve its standing in my eyes AT all.

I was going to go home after work, pack; feed, water and snuggle my furbabies a bit; take a leisurely bath and shave my legs and wash my hair; do my eyebrows; go to Glugs’ place and make him some supper since I’m spending the next couple of nights with him- whilst Damien is away.
Now I’m going to have to fight traffic to get to the school to pick up my house keys and come back again; get home; dive into the bath… maybe wash my hair… dunno bout shaving at all now; pack work clothes (shoes included) for tomorrow and Friday; feed and water the furbabies; tidy their litter boxes and then maybe get to Glugs’ place before he does- if I don’t fall asleep along the way!

*glove compartment

I Think Damien May Have An Unfair Advantage…


Deep breath taken.
Here’s why.

I told you all he has a new girlfriend right, Flower? Today is her birthday. He spoke on the weekend about getting her a little something for her birthday, that he had an idea already. So yesterday after school I called him to ask if he had gotten her something and to tell him that I have gift bags so he needn’t worry about wrapping it. He said no, he hadn’t. I suggested he go. He gets a little irate- just a little- so here’s the conversation that followed…

Damien (somewhat irritated): But mom, I asked her what I can get her for her birthday and she said she doesn’t want anything!

Moi (trying not to giggle): Okay, you don’t have to get her anything, I just want to let you know that she may have said that- but I can promise you she’ll be very disappointed if you go to school with nothing. Especially since you are officially a couple.

Damien (annoyed semi-silence): mm-hhmm

Moi: I dunno why sweetie, but for some insane reason, girls are raised to believe it’s polite to ALWAYS say no when they’re offered something.

Damien (still the annoyed semi-silence): mm-hhmm

Moi: So what you do is go and get her something tiny and preferably shiny or snuggly, stick it in a gift bag, and when you see her in the morning you hand it over with a smile and say you just couldn’t resist it.

Damien (still somewhat annoyed): okay…

Moi: I wish I could explain it sweetie, but that’s just how girl’s brains are programmed to work.

So when I got home he had bought a tiny faux-silver diamante “F” cellphone-bling-charm thingy. I gave him a little pink drawstring gift bag and he had drawn her a poster slash card. I didn’t say anything else, he was pleased with his purchase and I didn’t rub it in at all. When I sent himn a message at school to ask if she liked it he said “yes”. Thats it.
I think he may have an advantage… if he remembers everything… because its not the first time I’ve explained a bit to him about how women’s minds work. Like telling him how- by the end of the first date- the girl slash woman has already imagined the wedding, the children and where they’ll go to school, meeting the parents and family, where you’ll live, and what it’ll be like if slash when you divorce. Its no bloody wonder the girls get so upset when you dude’s don’t call!!!