Some Stuff I Keep Wanting To Mention…

Yes, Damien and I had a fight for breakfast this morning again. Yes- it was over the fucking school golf shirt again. The PITA knows exactly how to push my buttons and this morning he managed to reduce me to tears for the first time in a loooong time. I would so love to be at home in bed right now. I don’t want to see anyone or talk to anyone. And last night I was with Glugs- who is helping me with work stuff and it was so nice…
So yes- Damien and I are not speaking AGAIN. I am determined- as much as I hate it- not to be the one to give in and be nice to him just because he’s in a good mood when I get home this afternoon. NO ONE on this planet should think its okay to talk to me the way he does.
Oh, and check out the new poll if you’d like.

Anyhoodle, on a different (happier?) note, I’ve been having some freaky dreams of late. And it’s even freakier in that I seldom remember my dreams in the first place!
Just the night before last I dreamt I’d won a Ferrari Enzo to drive for six months! I was cruising my neighbourhood merrily- I knew exactly how to drive it as soon as I got in! I even dreamt one of my client’s staff went for a spin with me.
The other dreams I’ve been having for a while revolve around pregnancy and having babies. Now these freak me out totally bunnies! I really do not want to have any more children, and I am on the pill, and I dunno if these dreams are more because of a subconscious fear of falling pregnant or because of something else. One of my dreams was of Glugs’ ex wife standing at his bedroom door yelling at me while waving a pregnancy test around!
I told you they were weird…

Then there’s a beggar I see everyday that I’ve been dying to tell you all about! In Sowff Effrikuh, every single traffic light intersection has a beggar and several vendors. You can just about do your grocery shopping on the way to work!!! Anyhoodle- there’s one beggar I need to tell you about in particular.
Side note- I am one of those people who do NOT give money to beggars. Firstly because it is illegal for them to be begging and/ or vending; and secondly because I am totally skeptical about what they’re going to use the money for.
The beggar I want to tell you about turned up about 2 years ago if I’m not mistaken. He’s a tall skinny guy and he had his right leg in a cast to his knee. He was on crutches, and his little hand written cardboard sign said “BROKEN LEG, NO JOB, PLEASE HELP”… or some such, I can’t remember exactly. Now being the miserable, miserly skeptic that I am, I was curious as to how long the cast would stay on his leg. And since I drive past him to work everyday I could check him out everyday. No worries, it came off in a few weeks. He didn’t leave his new pozzie though- and he never got rid of his crutches. And no, I still didn’t give him any money. Then last week- he’s in his usual spot- this time his right leg has a shiny, new, very white cast on it- to his crotch this time!!! I reckon I’m justifiably skeptimistic (to use my BIL’s terminology)?

Ooh and I saw a beige Lotus Exige yesterday morning- crappy colour but a nice car… that gave me a little thrill.
And I saw a red Ferrari Modena last weekend. It went flying past Glugs and I on the highway. Glugs laughed at me ‘coz I got goosebumps! Sadly we couldn’t catch it.

Can you tell I’m trying to get my mind off of my daily Damien drama?

13 thoughts on “Some Stuff I Keep Wanting To Mention…

  1. sweets: ta tjomma… :-S

    bridget: ta b, much appreciated…

    polgara: thanx

    nosjunkie: drooling over track days hell i love a beautiful car… i haven’t been to swartkops or kyalami in absolute ages!

    ruby: hugs gladly accepted!

    whatalotoffun: i can’t find you!!!

    kingcover: aaah, i see! thanx for the explanation dude!

    supermom: we’re not really talking yet…

    faerie: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaa

    darla: aren’t they just, works of art some of them are.

    louisa: sheesh… i know what i’m doing this weekend!!!

    wenchy: not they definitely are not

  2. Urrrgh! Those beggars really get under my skin too. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s a very lucrative position.

    We did some fund-raising for a very special project once, and after exhausting all the other options we had come up with and still being short of target decided to try it out for ourselves…we made R1800 at one robot over three hours. (look, it wasn’t enough for our project, but it sure helped and it was really easy money).

  3. ahh the sounds of silence.

    to make sure he didnt disturb my peace and quiet… I take the computer speakers.

    LOL yes… I know Im the biggest BITCH when its presented to me … One day they will get past me, and at that point I hope they live in their own houses.

  4. There is NEVER a reason to talk to another in such a way that makes him feel ‘less’. I hope the two of you sorted it out.

  5. That beggar’s pimp must beat him up every day 😛

    Here’s how the story goes – you fall pregnant whilst making love in the Ferrari Enzo as you whizz past the beggar and it’s Glug’s ex wife at the wheel.
    It’s simple to explain it when you know how 😉

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  7. awe hun! good luck! i wish i could give advice…but i don’t have any children…so accept the hugs instead:-)


  8. let me gues you saw the lotus near John Foster drive or so.
    It belong to one of my clients and I think the fact that I keep telling him that it looks like his car is painted in primer is why he isnt giving me too much business.
    amazing car though… perfect balance excelent trac car.
    you guys should go to swakops on sunday theres a trac day…

  9. Keep your mind off it if you can, sorry you having a tough time but glad you and Glugster still going well :0)

  10. yeah hun, it’s pretty obvious you’re trying to get your mind off tings. I think that is good. I’m sorry you and D are at loggerheads again. Chin up!

  11. yikes… i’m so sorry about all your worries, shit that’s no good!

    strange dreams indeed! 😉

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