Minor Crisis Slash Panic Attack Averted!

Whew… Breathing a HUUUUGE sigh of relief!
I am transferring data from my old notebook to my new one and backing things up and reloading programs and applications and and and… its taken me two full days! And I have a major workload to deal with too.
So tonight- I’m labelling my backup discs, with photos and such on, when I discover there’re a few recent sets of photos “missing”. I have some copies stashed- for digiscrapping- but they’re small versions and its not all of them.
I’m swearing and testing CDs and opening and closing MS Explorer and talking to Glugs while I do it and I’m getting SERIOUSLY pissed off with myself about not double checking before I delete…
And twenty minutes later I find them on my new machine! All of them! I took them straight from the old notebook to the new one- I didn’t put them on CD!!!
I called the Glugster to let him know… sheepishly giggling at myself while I did so, but immensely relieved that I hadn’t actually lost anything.
I swear I am the queen of over reaction!!!

PS I am still having fun (not) with my 3G connection- but it has allowed me intermittent access tonight… so I at least managed to visit a few blogs I haven’t been able to read. But I’m still waaaaaaay behind…

10 thoughts on “Minor Crisis Slash Panic Attack Averted!

  1. Yikes! I better get crackin! I back up my blogs to my hard drive … but would you believe it? I don’t back up my hard drive!! I do at work, all the time, so what the Hell am I thinking, eh? (o_o)

  2. s e e quine & dyna: you two wanna piece a me?!!?!!? you wanna take this outside?!!?!????

    darla: hey stranger- i miss you, i’ll pop round soonest k?

    ruby: 😀

    bridget: lololololol… real exciting life i lead!

    jason: piss off wanker!

    s.s.n.: tis innit!?

    jenty: i lost at least that much when one of my laptops crashed the year before last… i’m still upset about it!

  3. Sounds familiar. At least you found them in the end, I lost 6 months of photos and can’t find them… that’s tragic!

  4. awe, don’t worry hun! it happens to the best of us…promise:) Oh, and Ta for visiting me with you intermittant access:)

  5. I totally emphathise with you and am happy from you all at the same time!
    Congrats on the super computer ninja skills and the blog nominees.

  6. I think we should hold a contest for Queen of Over-Reaction. I think I might actually win. That’s what my friends tell me and I believe them! You are mighty organized, Love. I need to do so much computer organizing it’s insane, but I never seem to do it…welcome to Dynaworld. 😉

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