The “Seven Positive Things” Meme

I was tagged by Lee from the new blog- Misfit Mania– that she, Stiffla and Will are going to share. So I gave it some thought and decided to REALLY challenge myself and write a list of positive things about Valentines Day.

Why is this so much a challenge I hear you ask… Well, I have not been spoilt on Valentines Day in more than 10 years- even when I was with someone… and for the last 5 years I wore all black and sent anti-valentines messages to friends and family. Look here and here for my previous posts. This year I was under strict instructions from my boyfriend (I have a boyfriend, giggle) not to boycott it again as I now have a reason to celebrate.

So here follows my seven positive things about Valentines Day.

1. Despite a shitty financial climate and climbing interest rates, shops of all kinds will make a killing this week!

2. I have a gorgeous, sexy boyfriend I adore who is taking me out tonight and I get to dress up and wear pretty underwear!

3. A few people will wake up a little down and a little depressed and will smile later when they discover they have a secret admirer!

4. I’m pretty much guaranteed to get some tonight… giggle…

5. Several people will have a (sometimes secret) desire fulfilled today when they are given engagement rings… and a few dudes are going to be left with hurriedly thinking up excuses as it’s a leap year…

6. There are flowers everywhere!

7. Red is one of my favourite colours along with purple and black!

Holy crap bunnies, this took me forever! It really was a challenge!!! And shoot me for being a little cynical. And I’m not tagging anyone either.

Happy Valentines Day bunnies.

10 thoughts on “The “Seven Positive Things” Meme

  1. bridget: mwaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaa… i’ll leave it to you to shake things up this, okay?

    sweets: aw it wasn’t on purpose!

    e.m.a.c.t. & faerie & s.s.n.: ta- you all too!

    ruby: oh but i thought that went without saying!

    wenchy: abso-friggin-lutely girl!!!

    polgara: ;-P so did you see my post yet?

    writeprocrastinator: teehee… the mattress is still on the floor!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Oh, you and the Glugs take it easy on the poor bed, this time!

  3. happy valentines day:)

    oh, you forgot the fact that all the goodies received on valentines are non-fattening…LOL

  4. Valentine’s Day Sucks EGGS!


    I want my boyfriend too!

    Errr… Oh yeah … good list and I think, just to shake things up … don’t have sex!

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