Oh What A Night…

our food and entertainment

my flowers card and chocolate

our waitron


the singers

the copper man in the ceiling of the gift shop

OMW bunnies, I have never- ever- ever- in my life- been so spoiled on Valentines Day!

I get all misty eyed and a lump in my throat when I think about it!!!

I got all dressed up and did my hair and make up and wore stockings and sexy underwear and all! When the Glugster there was a HUGE bouquet on the front seat and a box of chocolates!! Believe it or not I haven’t eaten any of them yet… they look so pretty! Anyhoodle, my sexy shoes were at Glug’s place and he brought them with him when he fetched me- and when I opened the box to put them on there was a Valentine’s card in the box!! It has the most amazing letter on the inside… wow…

Ahem, right. Where was I…?

So remember I said he hadn’t told me where we were going? He did tell me that there was a special Valentines menu (as I have a REALLY hard time picking something off a menu- it’s laughable).

He took me to Moyo!!! I’ve never been there!!! We were down in what Glug’s referred to as the dungeon. ALL the tables were set only for two with candle light and sprinkled rose petals. They have a woman who comes around with a big bowl and a jug of warm scented water and she sings a little song whilst you rinse your hands under the gently poured water. And the waitrons are all dressed so beautifully! The menu had several different starters including different breads, salad, roulade, tomato and coconut soup… all very cleverly served one plate at a time so we had to share the starters off the same plate! It was so cool. We even did the romantically soppy thing and fed each other the odd morsel!!!

For our entrée I had a fillet steak stuffed with oysters and topped with a backed plum… and a maize cake and sauce and veggies… wow! Glugster had a fish and prawn gassi- a curry dish served with couscous and pineapple.

Dessert was a chocolate brownie type cake with berries and ice cream!

We had our faces painted by the woman who brings her paint and brushes to your table- and it’s so cool to feel the tiny brushes gentle on your face as she concentrates. In keeping with the romantic theme of the evening, I had a heart shape painted on my cheek and Glug’s got a flower!

This restaurant is MASSIVE! Three stories! There’s a band that plays in the middle somewhere, with a fabulous saxophonist and vocalist. And we were entertained by a guitarist in the dungeon who- besides not really knowing the words to most of the songs- had a really good voice and sang solo with only his guitar to accompany him! The decor in Moyo is incredible- they have a little cognac “corner” and smoking areas and couches with beautiful glass cases to select a cigar from. Outside there are braziers with big fires burning in them. Photographs really do not do it justice at all…

When we eventually left, Glug’s bought me a feathered hat like the ones the waitrons wear! It’s SO pretty! He laughed and said he never woulda thought to buy it for me on his own…

Sheer bliss. I had such a fantastic time.

I won’t go into any detail about the rest of our night together bunnies; this is mostly a mommy-blog after all! I’ll just say that your imaginations probably won’t even scratch the surface!!!

25 thoughts on “Oh What A Night…

  1. Nothing like the 1st Valentine’s together! I love Moyo too, the African music and energy and all that yum food. You are actually a real girl sometimes, I am impressed!

  2. michelle hix: i am too!

    s e e quine: giggle… if you’re ever this side of the equator you have to try the place!

  3. elise: teehee he earns brownie points daily!

    lord tennisanyone: it was indeed!

    allan: aaaw thanx dude!

    jenty: oh it was- it so was!

    darla: and we have so many its quite incredible!

    meherenow: i love the glugster’s romantic-ness (and yes i agree, it is a word)

    eternally curious: thanx girl

    terri: that’s so sweet, thanx terri!

    m@: you are all my bunnies whether you like it or not!

    sometimes saintly nick: i am too! 😀

    malicious intent: oh that sounds mouth watering!!! and if you ever get down here you MUST stop at moyo!

  4. I love going to new and exciting restaurants like that. And thankfully I am married to a guy who enjoys it too! We too had a wonderful Valentines dinner at a place called Prince (and yes the chef’s name is Prince) Also does not hurt that we know them. Salmon, steak, caribbean crab cakes, risoto, seared scallops with a vanilla sause…omg..it was unreal and just incredible.
    Glad you had a good one too! If I was ever to be in South Africa, I would certainly want to stop there!

  5. Yeah sounds fan-bloody-tastic!
    BAH HUMBUG! I hate Valentine’s!

    No but seriously may the Glugster continue with this romantic-ness (yes it’s a word!)or may he suffer at the hands of your blog-friends!

    Enjoy yourselves all year round you deserve this Angel.


  6. ah! congrats! it so cool that you had such a fabulous time! and btw, i’m a little jealous over your fabulous dining options down there!

  7. That’s amazing …anything on any of those plates will serve a a vote-getting bribe- but you deserve it without bribes too!

  8. sweets: we both did magic- and he said i could post the pic!

    glugster: thank you sweetie. oh, and what chocolates ;-P ???!?

    polgara: i do believe i did!

    blue sunflower: and thank you for stopping by!

    bridget: um… if i am already a slave am i safe from the chocolatiers? mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. Sounds fun .. i love the dungeon. Don’t eat the chocolates … they’re a ploy to get women around the fat by skinny Danish and Swiss chocolatiers who want their lithe women to take over the world so that it is over run with tall, thin goddesses who will be men’s slaves.

  10. Wow – looks like you had a fantastic time… I am sooo happy for you…

    May the two of you always be blissfully happy…

    Thanks for the comment.


  11. oh angel, that sounds devine! and a photo of the glugster on your blog… wow!! you must have done some kind of magic last night… so glad you had a great …ahem… time 😉

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