The Weekend Was Soooo Relaxing!

On Friday morning I kissed my sweetheart goodbye and sent him off to work…
And then lounged around watching TV… only to have a heart attack when someone knocked on the door!!! Some guys from the bank had come around and I had left my phone upstairs in the bed- I had 7 missed calls from Glugs trying to tell me they were coming! I shouted through the door that I’d be right back and raced upstairs to put on some clothes and stash the various items of scattered… ahem… clothing.
Anyhoodle. The dudes were there for all of 5 minutes I reckon, clipboards in hand, and then they were gone.
I’d love to know what they thought of the broken bed still standing up on its side in Glugster’s room…
The rest of the day was very quiet. I chatted a bit to Glugs on Facebook and on the phone when he was between meetings. I caught up on a lot of my sorely missed blog reading as my connection at Glug’s place is faultless!
I also worked on Glugs’ Valentines Day gift- and then got annoyed and started over again! Thassaright bunnies, I am making him a gift with my own two hands, and due to three re-starts I still haven’t finished it! It’s not anything digital and it’s not a scrapbook page. I’ll tell you all when I finish it- can’t have you all giving Glugs’ a head’s up now can I?
Friday night was lazy too. da Bruvva brought Damien as he’d looked after Damien for me on Thursday night. The Glugster and I were in bed- and lights out- early, after getting Chinese take out for supper!
Saturday morning we were up early to get to Damien’s doc in Benoni. Glugs drove us and after that we went to a mall in Kempton that was simply STUFFED with shoe and jewelry shops!!! I was in heaven! And Glugs’ bought me the Amy Winehouse CD!!! Then we had lunch and Mugg & Bean and went home to get ready for the party at his bestest best friend’s house. I tell you bunnies, meeting the Glugster’s oldest and best friend had vultures flying around in my stomach, let alone butterflies! I think it was okay… I didn’t fall over or get drunk or tell inappropriate jokes, and Glugs wouldn’t let me wear my new feathered hat so I think I made a fairly good impression.
You lady-bloggers out there will understand what I mean when I say it’s the oldest and bestest friend’s wife that the new girlfriend really has to impress. Well, no one grilled me and no one was cold or mean or nasty- I really felt so welcome bunnies. We were there all afternoon and well into the night. I had a lot of fun and I took a SHITE load of pictures… of course!
Sunday was SUPER lazy!
We slept late and in the afternoon we went to watch “Jumper”. I LOVE sci-fi and this is SO not a disappointing movie bunnies. Its sci-fi, but not so sci-fi as to be totally far fetched and unbelievable! We strolled around Sandton for a bit, did a wee bit of grocery shopping as Glugs’ evil puppies are with him this week, and then we went home for a nap. Ahem. In the afternoon we played laptop-laptop till da Bruvva arrived and I made us spaghetti bolognaise for supper.
Not watching the time meant we only got to bed after 11pm!

up next… tattoos!

10 thoughts on “The Weekend Was Soooo Relaxing!

  1. Thanks for movie tip! I’m dying to see Jumper!

    As for the surprise .. you poor thing! Good thing you have great instincts and can handle them!

  2. phats: i loved farscape! must get me the dvd set…

    dyna: lol, not as epic as some of them have been!

    sweets: yup…

    mel: i assume she and glugster’s ex were friends… i didn’t even ask!

    polgara: glugster bought me a hat like the waitrons at moyo wear- the ones with the feathers in them (see pics)!

    faerie: giggle… it didn’t really match, and i spose it was a little OTT for a first meeting…
    sadly no new ink- yet…

  3. hmmm he wouldnt let you wear that hat?? WTF is wrong with him anyway???
    It matched your clothes, yes?

    Tats… new tats?

  4. The wife or girlfriend of the BF is definately the scariest, maybe even worse than the Mama!
    (Was she friends with the ex?)

  5. Sounds like an eventful start to the day for sure.

    Sci Fi eh? ever get into Farscape? I caught that show late but have seen most of the episodes on reruns, love it.

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