So If That Was Sunday We’ve Had It.

This weekend I introduced my new boyfriend to my bestest best friend, COFF COFF of more than 25 years but whose counting COFF COFF and her other half.

We had a braai at the Glugster’s place and in the process we went through five or six bottles of wine*, with Glugs and Mr NSNMOTB’s help, before they chickened out and switched to brandy and coke. Their kidlets arrived later in the afternoon after spending the day with their granny and were immediately in the pool! The boys then got hold of Damien’s water pistol and were shooting Gen and I, where we were quietly sitting on the verandah drinking our wine and enjoying some decent conversation. A few minutes later I was wet from head to toe, and just for shits and giggles I ran and jumped into the pool in my jeans and t-shirt. I was barefoot and luckily had removed my hat earlier… but Glugs’ face when I surfaced was an absolute picture!

You see bunnies, I don’t swim, I don’t even own a swimming costume- in fact even Gen doesn’t remember when last she saw me in a pool. The water was divine though and I played in the pool with the kidlets for about an hour I think…

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get wet jeans off!!?!?

Anyhoodle, Gen and family scarpered later that evening and then we dozed while trying to watch “Little Miss Sunshine”.

Then this morning I realised I hadn’t packed any work shoes, and I had to resort to wearing my divine Nine West jewelled heels… these are so NOT work friendly shoes bunnies! I definitely need to get used to them a bit before Glugs and I decide go dancing or something… my feet are killing me.

The pics show me jumping into the pool, me in my Valentines Day gift hat (and now you will all understand why Glugs’ is a little leery of me wearing it), me playing with the watergun, NSNMOTB’s youngest doing a backflip into the pool (all courtesy of Gen)… and just SOME of the empty wine bottles.

And before you ask, yes, the bed is still in one piece.

*The Blue Creek had been open and in the fridge for a while though and wasn’t very nice… and I didn’t photograph all the bottles. The Boschendal Lanoy was fantastic as was the Alta Vista Malbec (all the way from Argentina), but the Joostenberg Bakermat was by far my favourite for the day! We also went through a bottle of Chardonnay or two…

7 thoughts on “So If That Was Sunday We’ve Had It.

  1. Look at you in the first pic, a regular Ripley from “Aliens,” you are ; )

  2. louisa: i thought so too…

    sweets: thank goodness i didn’t have to go anywhere

    jenty: definitely

    cow: mwaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa! you aint never seen me swim!

    darla: we did indeed!

  3. I can not believe it.Angel in the swimming pool.Glug what have you done to my friend….I like (The Cow)

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