How is your day progressing?



Wish I could say the same…

By lunch time I was starving after Damien and I overslept this morning. So I decided to dash home quickly and grab some 2-minute noodles and come back to work. I was sleepy too and the drive would wake me up. I pull into the parking lot at home and after frantically searching my handbag, the cubby-hole*, the floor of the car, the back of the car and every nook and cranny I could find I realised Damien gone on camp with the house keys. We have one set at the moment because he can’t find his, and this morning I sent him back upstairs quickly after I got to the car because I’d left a file behind!


Thankfully I found out now and not after work…

One of the teachers on camp is coming home today and- if he remembers- will bring my keys with him and I’ll pick them up at the school after work.

Now I have a headache, my left arm hurts (a pain I think is caused by stress) and I blew money on McDonalds take out.

And my phone is seriously annoying the crap out of me. I have hated it from day one and it REALLY isn’t trying to improve its standing in my eyes AT all.

I was going to go home after work, pack; feed, water and snuggle my furbabies a bit; take a leisurely bath and shave my legs and wash my hair; do my eyebrows; go to Glugs’ place and make him some supper since I’m spending the next couple of nights with him- whilst Damien is away.
Now I’m going to have to fight traffic to get to the school to pick up my house keys and come back again; get home; dive into the bath… maybe wash my hair… dunno bout shaving at all now; pack work clothes (shoes included) for tomorrow and Friday; feed and water the furbabies; tidy their litter boxes and then maybe get to Glugs’ place before he does- if I don’t fall asleep along the way!

*glove compartment

12 thoughts on “So

  1. ` I HATE those days. Just got stressed reading it. Then I learned that intoxication sometimes helps. o_O

  2. OH my goodness. I can feel my blood boiling already! I am under so much stress right now, that a situation like that might just make me crack lol

  3. sweets & beads: there is that… ;-P

    allan: i will remember them in future!

    n.s.n.m.o.t.b.: i said “hi”!

    bridget: sometimes the fact that they are normal is what gets my back up!

    mel: i do now…

    homey: key gnomes! i love that!

  4. Shite ‘appens luv.

    I have been fighting the Key Gnomes all of my life. I hate those little bastards! I wouldn’t hesitate to flush them down the loo if I could ever catch one.

    You’ll forget about all ofthis nonsense soon enough.
    Have Fun.

  5. Mhh … sounds like a perfectly normal day to me. Don’t know what you’re complaining about. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh My Greatness – Could you have not asked for a kakker day???? Hope the rest of it panned out ok – relax and just chill tonight!!!! (say hi to Glugs).

  7. Don’t forget to blog!
    Try the 3 “R’s”:



    -Running around like a headless chicken.

  8. mwhahahaha… i’m sorry that’s just hectic…at least you get to play with your bf after such a hectic day! πŸ˜‰

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