This One Made Me Think…

…a little bit of Shebee– given her lengthy abscences I have decided this is where she is.
In fact I have considered taking the same action myself once or twice.

10 thoughts on “This One Made Me Think…

  1. sheena: hey babe!!! i haven’t battled to open your page- its just been rather, um, updateless… teehee
    we didn’t get pickled, unfortunately, but we put away a fair number of beers

  2. wtf guys!!!! i’m still here!

    whats this that you can’t open my blog?

    and “sad” is such an understatement sweets! bloody hell!

    ps: hope you three (glug, sweets & ange) got pissed and pickled for me as per telephonic convo last weekend?

    love to you all

    nats will reply to your messages on fb soon promise


  3. sweets: i needed a fake grin today…

    natalie: she’s living with her parents again… i doubt there’s any further explanation needed!

    y.d.g.: i also wanna go back to bed!

    lord tennisanyone: oh definitely not!

  4. I wonder what happened to Shebee…very weird…I have seen her on facebook.

  5. i still have my fake grin wmahahahahaha… yeah sheebee is gone for good it seems, can’t even open her blog anymore… sad ;(

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