The Glugster and I celebrate our third monthiversary!

¼ year

13 weeks exactly

92 days

2208 hours

132480 minutes

7948800 seconds

To put it plainly, bunnies- it feels like three years- and it has been sheer, unequivocal, inarguable, bliss for me… truly.

In April I would have been single for seven years. That’s a lot of habits to break and changes to make… I’m working on it, slwoly. Even my weekend blogging is taking a knock- and that doesn’t really worry me like I thought it would! In fact- between leaving work last Friday and some time on Saturday night I didn’t even switch my notebook on… then I started twitching a little and realised I was jonesing…

So now, not only am I spoilt rotten and taken on dates and taken away for weekends and called every night on the phone, but the Glugster accepts me- just as I am- with my relationship and parenting paranoid neuroses, with my history, mummy-tummy, saggy boobs, kinks, stretch-marks and all.

And he accepts Damien… which has always been a major worry for me.

Not only have I always been afraid of Damien feeling like a “not ours” (as I have seen happen, sadly, too many times in the yours-mine-and-ours families), but Damien’s ADHD and the way he and I deal with it is an issue for a lot of people- which then becomes a concern for me. I have been judged so many times for “…letting Damien get away with…” whatever the issue at hand is, whilst I am simply picking my battles. I mean, the private schools, the doctors and other professionals, the cellular phone, his pigsty slash bedroom, letting him grow his hair, his oft-scruffy clothes and occasionally grubby look“- I get told he needs discipline and I am spoiling him.

But if he is doing well at school I am happy; and if I can get hold of him at any time I am happy; what he looks like and whether or not you can see the floor in his bedroom is his own issue.

And Glugs gets it. And he doesn’t let anything faze him. He has spent enough time with us to have seen Damien on and off meds. He’s seen how Damien can be when he’s not medicated, and I think he understands why Damien needs it. And we talk about Damien’s ADHD too- which I didn’t do before. And the Glugster has seen how I am when I worry about Damien… And as much as we focus on each other, our relationship includes Damien because he and I are a family.

Honestly- I’m still pinching myself and half waiting for the other shoe to drop and burst my little pink bubble of happiness. But I’m trying.

And then there’s the other “typical” chick stuff- like when I don’t hear from him all day because he and I are both working I have to keep telling myself he’ll call later- that he still wants me… pathetic innit?

Well I think it is- and it’s my pet hate for myself (and women in general)! But d’you think I can switch that shit off in my head!!?!?


HA! I say


And I admit I am still working not to think too far ahead for “us” because I do not completely believe in forever and if I don’t think too far ahead I can’t get hurt that much should things go wrong…

And then I turn to mush when the Glugster tells me I’m beautiful, and sexy. I love how he looks at me. Making love to him leaves me weak… He loves to touch me and hold me- and I him. I get a little thrill in the pit of my stomach with simple things, like when he puts his hand on my thigh while I’m watching a movie in bed and he’s reading. Its not a conscious thing either, it just happens. And we are quite happy to sit in each other’s company and play on our own laptops, not talking- just doing our own thing whilst Damien lies on the couch watching Animax or playing PS2. There are no uncomfortable silences…

It’s almost strange now to be at home- at our home- with our cats. I keep feeling like we’re “stopping in” to check on my furry masters and that we should be leaving again any moment!

So here’s wishing you a happy third monthiversary baby.

Thank you.

Love you madly.

24 thoughts on “Today…

  1. donn: i am trying donn. . . thank you!

    m@: ooer- sorry you feel that way dude!

    yellowdog granny: aw sorry. . . i fixed the text!

    mel: me too xxx

    louisa: aw thanx girl, i think so too!

    sweets: wow, ta sweets!

    the jackson files: wow, i didn’t think anyone would be that affected by this! thank you!

    bridget: ta b, i’ll warn you about any future arachnid activity

    natalie: aw thanx nat!

    sheena gates: mwaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa… girl- i reckon the blogosphere will know about a wedding before anyone else- and trust me- you’ll have ample time to get yourself back here from oz…

    and stop teasing bridget

    writeprocrastinator: uh oh… i’ll be right over…

    allan: i do too allan, i’m still pinching myself!

    justin: thanx dude- you set an awesome example!

    simply curious: innit just. . .??!?

    faerie: thank you sweet faerie!!!

  2. that is soooo GREAT! Im happy for the both of you… what a fantastical way to meet, fall in love… and take the life journey.

    Good luck with the paths ahead…. although I dont think you need luck really, but Id love to see you both in the same space… happy and content.

  3. Wow, what a fantastic love story, Angel. Isn’t it fabulous to be in love? Many congratulations to both you and Glugster.

  4. Oh my god, if it wasn’t for the sweet way you write about your love, I would have so barfed at the “making love” reference 😛

    So, when’s the wedding? More importantly, am I brides maid?

    hahahahahaha. Only kidding. you don’t have to put on your running shoes.

    ASIDE: bridget’s scared of spiders! (SMIRK)

  5. Happy monthivesary Ang!

    Sorry I haven’t been coming by, I was scared of the spider, seriously. The first day I saw it I spend the whole day checking under my desk. I’m terrified of them.

    I hope you and Glug continue to have a great time together.


  6. I must admit, I had a good old cry when I read this post – it’s really, really beautiful.

  7. great picture of the two of you and you look tres happy..can’t read the print..sorry..

  8. Quit overthinking and just enjoy your good fortune. Why shouldn’t You, Glugster, and Damien deserve to be happy?

    Stop trying to figure out how the Roller Coaster stays on the tracks and just enjoy the ride..YIPPEEEE!

  9. polgara & gnat: teehee… hold your horses now!

    glugster: aaaw… thank you baby!

    supermom mel: ag dankie skattebol!!!

    becauseican: snigger the shagging is going to have to wait for the weekend…

    katy katy katy: ta!

    dyna: happy times indeed- for you and me both!

  10. Hi Angel. I am so thrilled for you. It is a remarkable feeling, isn’t it? Especially about after 7 years. I hear you loud and clear about not getting ahead of yourself. It’s hard when you are too smart to completely believe in forever and also want forever really, really, really, really badly when you find somebody so delicious. I am constantly reminding myself to back up and stop so that I can drink in the moments. Happy Times, Mamacita!

  11. Angel,

    I can only say I am speechless.. Ok maybe not but you get the being speechless..

    He sounds perfect for you and it is obvious that what you have is absolutely fantastic.. Look after it and cherish what you have.. Give glugs a hug from all of us and CONGRATUMALATIONS on your monthaversarry!!

    I am sure you will be having plenty plenty more!!

    Now go home and give him a bloody good shag…


  12. Hmmm, i remember when i met Chris, was only 4 months before he and his 2 furry masters moved in…..
    Good luck :0)
    Pol x

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