Yes, I Cheated- I Backdated The Last Post…
So what happened?
The power came on whilst my darling Glugster was trying to find results on the internet for me, via his cellphone, and after waiting a few minutes for the decoder to rescan, I watched the race from the 29th lap onwards… and I missed SO MUCH!
When the TV came on, there was a safety car out and I had no idea why… then I was scanning the times as they appeared on the screen, searching for my much-loved Ferraris, only to discover that Massa and Raikkonen were doing dismally!
Melbourne was hot as blazes with nary a breeze and it was really taking a toll on the cars.
Apparently Massa had spun on the start already- losing several places and then taking out David Coulthard whilst trying to make his way back up the field! Then shortly after the TV came back on I watched Massa pull off the track. Damn. There was still some hope for a die-hard Scuderia fanatic… but Raikkonen really had a miserable time- braking late and heading into the kitty-litter (just lucky not to hit the wall), and then going wide whilst attempting to overtake Glock and spinning onto the grass!
Rubens Barrichello was busy too- his lollipop man lifted the stop sign way too soon and when RB shot out of his pits he pulled the hose and the hose men with him! Luckily no one was hurt- but he was in the pits on a safety car lap and wasn’t supposed to exit at all. RB was then disqualified for exiting the pits on a red light- a black flag offence- which gave Raikkonen another point in addition to his already awarded 1 point…
I am REALLY sorry I missed so much of it…
The driver I feel absolutely the worst for after yesterday’s race? Torro Rosso’s Sebastian Bourdais… a rookie who held onto third place, giving experienced drivers a run for their money- until his Ferrari engine blew just 2 laps from the finish. I think he’s going to be someone to watch- provided Ferrari can up their game! Of the six cars with Ferrari engines in them- NOT ONE FINISHED!!! Not on dudes- not on at all.
It was a highly eventful race, with only six cars actually crossing the line in the end and Raikkonen being awarded 1 point for Ferrari because his car had died 4 laps from the finish…
Anyhoodle, onwards and upwards. Its only the first race of the season.

About The Rest Of The Weekend
It was tremendous!!!
Sweets, Kay, Jay, Damien, Glugs and I had an absolutely wonderful time… it was again the ultimate in a luxury weekend in the bush! And we saw a LOT of game- including giraffe and duiker, which Damien and I didn’t see in December. We ate like kings and sat gazing out at the spectacular scenery outside our balcony. It’s a truly beautiful place, photographs just don’t do it justice. I’ll post pictures later on my photo blog anyway of course.
Then last night- we took my mommy darling to Moyo to celebrate her birthday! Wow- the food was incredible to say the very least, e all had our faces painted (including my daddy darling) and my mommy darling really enjoyed herself. It was so cool to spoil her for her birthday!
Photos to follow of course…

I hope you all had a marvelous weekend- and for the Mclaren and BMW fans out there- COFF COFF I am happy for you COFF COFF, but don’t get your hope up!

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  1. nosjunkie: so what did you think? did my ferraris behave like twits or what!?

    sweets: snigger you mean you didn’t believe me…?

    michelle hix: ta!

    glugster: no apologies needed sweetness, it was amazing!

    natalie: posted!

    bridget: well, technically i’m still a single mom… aren’t i? hhmmm… post in the making i think…
    and the pics are posted!

    sheena gates: it was such fun- i’d never done that before!

    m@: to you too dude!

    writeprocrastinator: i believe so, he looks very promising!

    faerie: as do i!!! and if i’m at a track, the sound of those cars coming past me makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up!

  2. Racing is… well ya know it has vibrations and makes the ground rumble… and the cars roar by… makes the air whoosshhh past…

    Oh .. I love the smell of fuel!

  3. Bourdais was one of the best drivers for the last three years running in the U.S. CHAMP (I don’t remember what the acronymn means) Series, which was the Ford version of the Indy Car racing. So he has a great deal of experience in open wheel racing.

  4. I’ve just realised, you have to change the, “I’m single” in you “Who Am I”.

    WHERE ARE THE BLEEDING PHOTOS? Glug said you would upload them 🙂

  5. Okay, it took me a moment to figure out the voting…but I got it. Voted in both categories!

  6. oh the weekend was awesome!!!! i am now convinced of your race car (i am useless with the terminology) formula 1 addiction… hehe

  7. I only get to see the race tonight but I googled the results….Stiff is sulking Will and I are gloating
    sorry babe

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