16 thoughts on “OMG… Already!!!

  1. bridget: heeeeeyyyy- that’s not nice!!!

    glugster: i would- but i don’t wanna ruin them just to look down on people! and you’re in trouble now babe, bridget’s on the warpath!

    expensive mistakes and cheap thrills: well, there’s the old story about measuring a child at 2 years old and doubling his height to calculate his full height as an adult… so luckily i always suspected damien would at least be taller than me. i’m keen to see now how accurate it was.

    sheena gates: i have always been the shortest of us four kids! my brother loves to say “…don’t make me come down there…

    jenty: :d

    sweets: that’s what i thought!

    polgara: teehee best damien doesn’t develop that attitude!

    bridget: uh oh… b- i swear its not my fault!

    natalie: mwaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaa… never heard that one!

    faerie: ah, now it all makes sense!

    projetores: thank you- and link away! i’ll pop round soon!

  2. aww its okay…. it means he takes the larger bags, the heavier loads, the longer way around…. manners… its all about manners!!!

  3. Shorty-makoty a hundred and forty! hee hee, did you guys ever sing that song when you were younger? hee hee.

  4. That is it!

    Coming soon on Living Bridget, how Glugster moved from a perfectly amicable blog mate to an insufferable sarcastic, incoherent (please check Sheena’s blog for proof of “poper”ful non-“sensem”) meanie in loveness in a few moths!

    My my my, such a post is suddenly very appealing.

    Will commence collecting evidence!

  5. I remember my brother thought because he was “bigger” than our mum he could get away with stuff, she just stood on a chair to give him a clip round the head lol
    Pol x



    Awww. Be happy about Damien getting bigger, the girls will love him.

  7. The Kid will probably be taller than me by the time he is 7.

    The Boyfriend is well over 6 ft. and my Dad is 6ft5.

    Sadly, I got the short genes and am about 5ft7.

    SO at least you made it until your kid was over 16.

    I have another 6 years before mine towers over me….

  8. Bridget, If I recall you are not one to go around calling other people midgets! LOL

    Babe, you better start wearing your high heels.

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