…from a long weekend that is.

The weekend was just luvverly- easter with the family, Shebee visiting, F1 with a Ferrari victory… lets just say I had a really hard time getting myself out of bed this morning, and it was so warm snuggled next to Glugs! More on all that later!

And then on the way to work- oh joy- my car starts making a noise… like a metal on metal scraping sound, lemme tell you bunnies- when you’re doing 120km an hour on the highway thats a fargin scary sound all on a suddenly like!!!

I stopped at the first garage we came to, and had Damien rev the engine for me a little whilst I listened- it sounds fine when its standing still and there’s nothing hanging or leaking out from underneath the car. I got back in and we drove home slowly, with me listening to see if I can pinpoint it.

It was still early so I called my boss and asked him to fetch me, then I called the mechanic I usually go to and arranged to take my car in to him tomorrow morning.

Then when Damien and I got home, only Greebo came to greet us… which is strange as usually Taxi and Greebo both come and say hello- especially when we’ve been away all weekend. Damien had even checked in my room where Grampa Scratchy lives in case he’d locked Taxi in there by accident when he came to check on them on Sunday- no Taxi. I’m about to start panicking when Taxi slowly comes out of Damien’s bedroom. He’s odd, and Greebo’s much more talkative than usual- and when my furbabies behave differently I worry. Taxi heads for the couch and I pick him up. He allows me to turn him on his back and cuddle and stroke him- and this is SO not Taxi! When I put him down he heads under the couch, and 10 minutes later emerges, still not having eaten, and goes in behind the “bar” that my plants stand on. He climbed in a cupboard behind there and hasn’t come out or eaten yet.

He’ll be going to the vet as soon as I can organise a car…

4 thoughts on “Recovering…

  1. I see we both use Stock Exchange for them lovely stock photos?

    Hee hee!

    Yes, Sheena has been boasting all about it.

  2. omg, what an awesome weekend!

    The photos have to be distributed soon all over blogosphere.

    Thanks so much for a lovely time, guys!

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