Oooh Bunnies, Love Is In The BloggerSphere I Tell Ya!

And today I’m going to be quoting Wenchy: “The best relationship is the one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.” This comes from a post she did a while ago. Wenchy gets quoted a lot. She’s a quotable chick.
Anyhoodle, it stuck in my head because I think this is a truly wonderful way to describe something that feels so right. To describe what Glugs and I have.
And Wenchy is a blogger who, like me, suddenly finds herself in the grip of a new relationship- a relationship she wasn’t expecting and one that’s making her supremely happy! And Wenchy writes the most amazing love story posts about herself and the man she refers to in her blog as “Noid”. Honestly, they’re the kind of posts I long to write about myself and Glugs, and then I just can’t!
And- very excitingly- apart from Wenchy and myself and my sweet Glugs, there are a few other newly “in love” (and yes I’m generalizing so I don’t care whether you’re using the word yet or not) bloggers! And they’re bloggers I read regularly if not every day!
And I am using the word “newly” here to describe a time frame of less than six months… Take a look at this, bunnies!!!
Dynagirl is seeing someone she simply calls “D”
Ruby has tagged her man as “Hijacker”, or “Jack”
Bridget is seeing someone she is calling “S4”
Simply Curious Girl is seeing someone too, but has yet to give him a bloggy moniker of any kind.
How cool is that? Who else is there!!?! Who did I miss!!?!

8 thoughts on “Oooh Bunnies, Love Is In The BloggerSphere I Tell Ya!

  1. louisa: of course!

    bridget: so ask him what he wants to be called! 😛

    ruby: ja ja okay- i did say i was generalising…

    mel: giggle

    nat: i try every now and then…

    wenchy: ;-P

    sweets: i am so enjoying it!

  2. ha! i’m NOT in a new relationship… what on earth is that??? hehe!! enjoy your new found love, i’m totally jealous!!!

  3. Oh babe!!! Thank you for this, so much. Sommer makes me want to cry!!! DAMMIT.

    Dankie Angel. xxx

  4. I would really encourage you to try and write about you and Glugs…although I know how hard it is to put into words what you feel for someone who makes you so happy you could burst:-)

  5. Jack can’t ask me for a new nickname…..i’m sure he would if he read my blog…lucky for me he doesnt!

    Can i become all technical here for a second?? I’m not in love*pouting*…….i merely really really really really x 1000 like this dude…you’re starting to sound like bridgy:( tee hee hee

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