Lets Play Picture Tag…

Sweets tagged me with a photo meme… You have to find five things around your house that say something about the person you are and snap a picture of them. Then tell us about them…
Here goes!

This is my laughing cow and fur covered bar stools… the cow was a gift from Sister B for my 30th birthday, and the barstools I covered myself. I dunno if it says much apart from displaying a little of my “strangeness”.

My lavalamp and CD holder with my name on it. The CD holder has my Eros and King Robbie CDs in it, Damien gave it to me for my birthday once. Thats an incense holder in the background and those are the info magazines that come with the X-Files DVDs. What does it say about me? I love things… if I could I would have everything I own on display somehow!

Some of my dragon collection… I do love dragons…

A blockmounted dragon poster that Damien gave me, and photos of Damien. This is just some of them, apart from one or two dragon pictures and an MC Escher poster in my bedroom, there are pictures of Damien everywhere. I love my boy…

My book collection and most of my dragons… I cannot stop buying books!!!

Ok so thats a lot more than 5 things… so what. Feel free to tag yourself if you’d like to play!

8 thoughts on “Lets Play Picture Tag…

  1. stephanie: i’ll keep an eye out for yours…

    louisa: glad you like them!

    nick: i have no idea dude! none at all!

    dyna: so do i!!!

    katt: i would love to see yours!

    nat: aaaw, thanx girl!

    sweets: so do i!!!

  2. I think the pics say that you are creative (Bar stool) and different (like dragons) and intelligent( all your books) and loving( your pics of Damien šŸ™‚

  3. I actually feel like doing this… but I don’t think my tragic signal will allow me to.

    I love the barstools.

  4. So, what you’re saying is you like dragons?

    I love books, too and feel compelled to buy them constantly. Luckily I have a classroom again so I’ve begun filling it with reading material that I can’t resist but have no room for in my home…

    Great job with the meme; I might just tag myself.

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