The Weekend Past…

Was exceptionally quiet, and I took hardly any photographs!

On Friday after work we had a farewell “lunch” for a colleague whose leaving for Germany with her other half, after which I went home to pack some stuff for the weekend at Glugs.

Damien was with Flower, so Glugs suggested we go out for a bit to eat since we haven’t had a date night in a while, and we had a few hours before we had to fetch Damien.
He took me to an Indian restaurant called Banjaara, and MAN was their food awesome!
I had a lamb korma and Glugs had a lamb gosht badam. It was their mild selection as neither of us are big on hot food- but it was spicy enough for a slight tingle and it was absolutely delicious! We ate it with hot buttered naan bread. Each dish is served seperately in its own bowl and we had a dish of chopped onion, tomato and cucumber after a starter of popadoms with a selction of sauces. Luvverly stuff! My first time at an Indian restaurant!
And what a beautiful place too- much more deserving of photographs, I took very few compared to how I usually go bananas…

On Saturday we went to my mommy darling for me to do some scrapbooking, and I managed to do two pages where I usually only do one! Glugs came too and he and my daddy darling watched rugby whilst the girls (my sister B was there too as well as a friend of my mom’s) occupied ourselves in the diningroom. With Glugs’ stopping by regularly for kisses…

On Saturday morning I just could not wake up, Glugs eventually got me up and into the shower but I was like a zombie and I was SUPER grumpy all day. I know I have already apologised my sweet Glugs, but I’m doing it again. The poor dude was so sweet to me all day…

Sunday was a REALLY quiet day. Glugs and I watched all three instalments of “The Lost Room” over the weekend and I enjoyed it immensely, finishing it on Sunday. We barely emerged from the bedroom except to fetch snacky things from the kitchen! Its so groovy having two TVs!!!

Damien spent the weekend camped out on the couch as usual- glued to Animax and his cellphone. You know bunnies, I am beginning to loathe MXit with a passion- though it helps keep him in touch with his friends over weekends at next to no cost, and he is almost 17…

13 thoughts on “The Weekend Past…

  1. i luvvvvv indian food there is a restaurant not far from the house they have the best lunch buffet

  2. faerie: he does indeed, i’m very lucky!

    bridget: i am a little more myself than i was thanx…

    nat: 😀

    ruby: =>

    katt: i think you should come visit so you can get all down and indian with us!

    polgara: we did indeed!

    phillygirl: hey newbie! thanx for saying hi!

    sweets: i am quite bushed…

    glugs: MWA!!

    meherenow: i don’t like it either… i want my baby boy back!

    jenty: they tasted so much better than they looked!

  3. Oh-My-god he’s nearly 17!!!! That’s all I can remember reading sorry – sure the rest was great too!!!

    Why do kids grow up? I don’t like it I tell you!!!

  4. food sounds yummy!!! i love indian foodies… sounds like you need a loooooong holiday my friend xxx

  5. I’m starving now! I wonder if Indian food is good for breakfast… not that I could find any down here and I ain’t making.

  6. Sounds like you guys had a fab weekend:) Nice and quiet like!

    Now stop telling us how sweet glug is……..we might become very very jealous.

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