11 thoughts on “What Is Bliss…?

  1. allbunnies: i know you’re all just jealous, but thanx for being so sweet anyway…
    and welcome arkwife, i just love newbies who say howdy!
    ooh, and lopz, tag accepted, it’ll be up over the weekend!

  2. Hehehe…..I think that was adorable. Bridget and Rubes are just jealous. 🙂

  3. great! i have to find someone to clean up the mess i’ve made…actually the two of you should come and clean up the grossness…it’s your fault after all!

  4. I think it’s sweet!

    Just to let you know, you’ve been tagged – check out my post today for details.

  5. oh you two just can’t get enough can you? hehe it’s the way it’s supposed to be so blissfully happy for the both of you 😉

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