Extra! Extra! Hot Off The Press! Read All About It!

If this isn’t blogworthy I dunno what is…

I have my very own key to the Glugster’s place bunnies!!!
Thassaright, I officially have a remote and everything!!!

15 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! Hot Off The Press! Read All About It!

  1. But have you had a poo there yet? I remember knuiping my butt after staying at a guys house and racing home in the early romance months.

  2. muriel: hey stranger! ta!

    allan: thanx dude!

    jenty & phats & louisa: ta!!!

    glugster: heeeeeyyyyyy…!!!

    sweets & polgara: ;P

    abrightfuture: very, and yes

    writeprocrastinator: now that would just be mean!

    katy katy katy: heh heh, its the access control remote, for the gate and the alarms…

  3. Yes, but does he conviently take the batteries out of the remote when you leave the room?

  4. Wow…happy late B-day…
    the tuisem..tuis…tiuss, um … the sweets shop goodies look wonderful…enjoy!

  5. WOW Angel! Didn’t log on for a little while and when I did, you were all hooked up! It sounds so good! I wish you lots and lots and LOTS of happiness (and, erm, TV watching). Viva love!

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