Oh Bunnies… I Am Not A Happy Cat Slave…

My precious Taxi, my li’l snickerdoodle, snooperpoodle, sweet tixanax… the furbaby who has slept on my chest, back, ribcage or on my pillow since he came home with me… my precious pudding who can’t just lie still and let me stroke him but has to jump up and arch his back as soon as I touch him… my brown eyed puddingpop who goes wherever I go…
My Taxi has tested positive for FeLV (feline leukemia virus).
It’s called leukemia because of the effect on the cat’s body, but it is a virus, and cats are routinely inoculated against it as kittens and most build up immunity to the virus.
Now I don’t know what to do.
Greebo has to go to be tested as well, and if he doesn’t have the virus, I have to separate them because Taxi can give him the virus with their grooming and sharing food and water bowls and toys.
But we’re all family… how am I going to do that!!?! Physically the only way to separate them is to lock one of them in my bedroom… and they’ve both always had the run of the house!
Or I can try and find a new home for Greebo… which also seems unthinkable as well!
There’s no cure, and treatment basically involves a careful diet, avoiding raw foods, maybe added vitamins, regular vet check ups and not going outside.
Well, not going outside is already sorted as both my boys are window watchers… and their diet has always been “watched” because I don’t want them getting fat.
But what it also means is Taxi is now susceptible to any and all bugs, and even small injuries may take long to heal and can get infected… it also means he’s going to go through phases where he will feel really shitty and not want to eat or drink.
I am going to fetch him this afternoon and take Greebo for his tests… and I’ll talk to the vet then too, but I’m in a flat spin about how to deal with this.

13 thoughts on “Oh Bunnies… I Am Not A Happy Cat Slave…

  1. ` Well, if both of them have it, look at it this way – you won’t have to separate them.

    ` Poor duv!

    ` At least you found him!

    ` You know, it could be worse. Once, this veterinarian came over to this crazy cat lady’s house and was giving them all vaccines.
    ` One cat had been exposed to feline leukemia, and they knew it. Apparently if you vaccinate them for that when they’ve been exposed, it kills them.
    ` Next day, the cat was dead. The vaccine vial was later found in the garbage. Wow.
    ` Make sure you have a good vet!!

    ` I just brighten up everyone’s day with heartwarming stories, don’t I?

  2. polgara, lordwiggly, camikaos, jenty, mandy, ruby, sweets: ta muchly, really

    arkwife: i’m gonna do everything i can…

    katy katy katy: tough choice indeed… catch 22 and a rock and a hard place!

    c@th: lemme know if you think of anything that may help!

    kattbox: thank you! i’ll mail him today!

  3. Angel, check out this website:


    The vet’s name is Dr Niven – he has developed a range of herbal remedies for animals. I swear by his products because it actually cured my German Shepherd when another vet told me we would have to put him down.

    Dr Niven is very helpful, if you e-mail him he will reply with suggested remedies and explain to you how to order them.

  4. dearest angel

    my heart is with you. i’ve dealt with this before, and the best way forward is to give Taxi all the love in the world.

    xxxx you are in my heart

  5. oh I hope you don’t have to separate them – then on the other hand I hope you do what a horrible choice. I had a friend who had a cat with feline leukemia and she lived a long life

  6. oh my… I am so sorry to hear it… I can’t imagine what to do. If I had to separate or get rid of one of my kitty babies… big hugs.

  7. Thats terrible news. Dunno what I’d do if I were in your shoes – probably bawl myself to sleep :o(

    Sorry Angel. Big hugs.

  8. Angel!! That’s awful…I want to cry for you. I love animals as a rule, and hearing of just even the slightest hint of distress to our darling companions brings a lump to my throat.

    Good luck sweetie, I hope everything works out fine.

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