A Desktop Tag

I got tagged to show you all what my desktop looks like…

judging by the others I’ve seen, there’s a definite trend towards “clean living” amongst the bloggers…
This picture is one I took at the game farm Glugs and I have been to, we were on a game drive and the view was just wonderful.
I think I’ll tag… Glugs, Sweets, Katy, Jenty, Polgara, Michelle and Nat! I haven’t properly meme-tagged for a while so I’m making up for it!!!

12 thoughts on “A Desktop Tag

  1. sweets: yes, i worry a little about bridget… so, well? where is yours?

    wenchy: i change mine fairly often, its usually a picture i took… or a ferrari

    becauseican: um… since i’m not big on running i’ll pass, but if bloggers wanna run in the veld there’s ample open space in sowff effrikuh…

    blue sunflower: it is gawjiss indeed

    katy katy katy: heh heh, luckily i only have one!

  2. nice looks good = I’ll have to post two screen shots the one of my work computer and the one of my personal one

  3. What a pretty sight….

    Absolutely gorgeous – it’s as though it is an untouched place on earth just there to be enjoyed….

  4. Very very naaais there angel 😉

    But now you got the blogosphere wanting to run in the bloody veld??

    Perhaps you should organise a little veld trip for us all to run around ???

  5. mwhahahahahah bridget is so crazy!
    i know that pic, aw man now i wanna run in the veld too!!

    i’m so glad polgara asked… hheehe… i tried exactly your procedure but with word, and it didn’t work… so ok… lemme go do it!!

  6. pol: close or minimise all your windows till your desktop is visible, press the “prt sc” or “print screen” button on your keyboard. i then open a new powerpoint file, paste it there (control “V”) and then right click on it and select “save as picture”…

    bridget: erm… i’m trying not to imagine that…

  7. louisa: its the game farm glugs and i go to, i took this pic the last time we were there whilst on a game drive

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