Date Night Rocks!!!

My sweetheart, the one and only Glugster, is taking me to see


tomorrow night!!!

Its one of my favourite musicals and it’s definitely one of my favourite movies!!!

This is so exciting!!!

I can hardly wait!!!

I just hope I can shut up while I am watching… I have a tendency to sing along…

And I can not sit still when there’s music playing so I’m going to try not to annoy whoever is sitting next to me…

7 thoughts on “Date Night Rocks!!!

  1. sometimes saintly nick: i plan to!!!

    m@: mwaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaa… i’ll try!

    cheffie-mom: hey- a new visitor! one who comments! welcome!!!

    wenchy: heh heh… coming soon!

    s e e quine: update pending!

    sweets: aw thanx bud!!!

  2. How fun! Great musical. Love your blog, I’m so glad I came across it. Can’t wait until until the next post!

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