The Weekend That Was…

On Friday evening when we made our way to the Glugster’s place, I had da Bruvva with me! I had fetched him from work as my mommy and daddy darling had gone to the airport. So since he was already in my car I told him he had no choice but to come with us! I asked him a question in the car and he said he’s never been asked such a strange question. I asked if he knew when last we’d had a cloudless sky! I can’t remember when last I didn’t see a cloud in the sky… and I’ve been wondering about it.

Ooh, there was a truly spectacular sunset on Friday night too… and Glugs phoned me from his car to make sure I saw it!

Everybody say “aaaaawww…”

I made spaghetti bolognaise for supper (Damien and da Bruvva’s favourite) and then da Bruvva borrowed my car and went to see a friend of his who lives nearby.

When the Glugster got home, da Bruvva was still out, so we ate without him and went to watch some more of “Stargate SG-1” (we’re about halfway through season 2). I fell asleep very quickly, last Monday’s insomnia catching up with me at last, so Glugs went downstairs to have a drink with da Bruvva when he got back. Glugs says I spoke to him when he came to bed… but I don’t remember!

Innit thrilling bunnies!!?!?!

On Saturday morning, poor Glugs had to go to work again to make up for Eskom-induced time lost during last week. I slept a wee bit after he left and then went downstairs to make sure Glugs’ maid got in the house and that the “boys” (Damien and da Bruvva)- who had crashed on the couches downstairs- got up and out of her way. The two of them then woke themselves up with some coffee and a smoke, and I took da Bruvva home, visited a bit with daddy darling, and went to check on my pudding tats. They were both fine, so putting my worry aside for a while; we headed back to Glugs’ place.

When he got home from work, we popped in at the shops and did some groceries (to keep Damien supplied whilst he was home alone) and strolled around the shops for a while, before heading back home to shower and get ready for our date.

I opted for casual and went with jeans and a T-shirt. But I shoulda dressed up a little for the theatre… I didn’t feel underdressed or anything, but the theatre is the ideal opportunity to dress up!!!

And… I left my camera behind!!!





I knew I wasn’t going to be able to take my camera into the theatre with me, so I decided to leave it at home… but next time we go to Montecasino its definitely going with me, I’ll just lock it in one of their gun safes when I’m done. It’s such a stunning place, and I saw loads of stuff I would have loved to take pictures of!

Anyhoodle, we ate at “The Meat Co.” and apart from the chips it was magnificent!!! I had a prawn and avocado starter whilst Glugs had the pepper crusted Carpaccio, and then I had a “small” 200g steak with a blue cheese and vodka sauce and Glugs had a 300g rump! We ordered the veggies to share and we both had chips- which were a little over done. The meat on the other hand was simply incredible! Wow bunnies… Glugs has mentioned “The Meat Co.” to me a few times and I was looking forward to going- and it was so worth the wait! I had sorbet for dessert… as usual I know… whilst Glugs thoroughly enjoyed his ice cream and chocolate sauce. Oh, and we got lucky by getting in really early, so my recommendation is to book a table in advance… and avoid the fries!

After supper we took a slow stroll round the “mall” part of Monte, finding a “Magic 8 Ball” for Damien in one of the shops! He’s always wanted one and I knew he’d be stoked when we got home. He was, Glugs gave it to him and we got a “oh cool…” and a “SWEET!!!” when he opened the bag!!!

The show was simply marvelous! It was a local production of Chicago, but lemme tell you something bunnies, local is lekka– and this performance was spectacular! I found myself so focused on trying to see everything happening on the stage that I hardly sang or boogied at all, and we had such wonderful seats! Did you know the story is loosely based on real life??!? I didn’t…

After the show, Glugs took me to the casino for a bit. I’ve only once been in a casino… it was about 10 years ago- and I lost R50 on the slot machines (I think it was one where you pull the handle down) and scared the bejeebers outta myself!!! Glugs had put aside money for us to play with though, so off we went. We played a 50c machine… and I cringed as I watched the R100 dwindle to nothing in just a few minutes… it was horrible!!! When that was gone we went to the roulette tables and played another R100 there. I watched- I’m sure with my mouth hanging open- as people put chips down all over the place (R25 chips too) and kept doing so over and over again!!! And I could hardly part with the chips Glugs gave me!!! I am so not a gambler!!! I think I’ll stick to playing poker at my daddy darling’s house with fake “chips” where I can throw as many as I like around without worrying about going home with nothing!

Sorry babe… I think I spoiled your fun a bit there.

We made our way home again just after 11… Damien having been home alone all evening (and very well behaved too it seemed)… and saw little children still playing, all on their own, in the kiddies-care section!!! I was quite speechless… Good grief, their parents should be shot- leaving them there with strangers till all hours of the night!!!

Sunday morning we slept till 11am again!!! Heavenly!!! Then at 1pm I was about to do a load of laundry when the power went off at the same instant I pressed the power switch on the washing machine!! So…

brace yourself for the exciting part here bunnies…

Glugs and I went through his wardrobe instead, cleaning out stuff he doesn’t wear and putting it aside for charity (and making space for myself and Damien at the same time)!!!

After that, we took ourselves off to Steers and a movie to celebrate… ROTFLMAO

Oh, um, Fools Gold is good for a no-thinking-necessary fun, Kate Hudson and Matt McHoney playing their typical roles…

9 thoughts on “The Weekend That Was…

  1. how did i miss this post? weird… making space in the cupboards… hehe… good! i love gambling, i scare myself when i go to those places 😉

  2. No offense, I couldn’t hang with you two. The Glugs knows too many good restaurants and I’d way about four-hundred pounds in two weeks.

  3. tamara: i hear ya girl!

    bridget: uh oh… hey wait- i been nice to you haven’t i!!?!?!

    sheena: oh yes babe- we have to make a plan some time!

    michelle: oh he eats alright… lots of protein definitely helps keep the “worms” at bay!

  4. Honestly, that sounds like the most perfect weekend to me.

    What’s it like trying to keep a growing teenage boy fed? ha ha I bet they eat a lot!

  5. It’s nauseating, you and Glug, i think i should report you. I’m sure you are breaking some law. Just so you know … I have a little surprise for the two of you on my blog sometime. You will both wish you had been nicer to me.

  6. I hear you on the not-a-gambler thing. I can’t handle watching those machines eat my hard-earned dosh like candy!

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