Oh Thank Goodness…

I chatted to J’s mom today, to make sure the knuckleheads had cleared their weekend plans with her too, and to share my concern over their being alone all weekend.
Turns out she shared my worries about their safety and their behaviour (them both being ADHDers and all), and she has asked her mom to spend the weekend there too.
The boys’ potential for some “fun” (read: temptation to indulge in mayhem and misbehaviour) has been spoiled, but I am a lot happier about them house-sitting now. E’s mom will arrive on Saturday afternoon, so they’ll have Friday night and part of Saturday to themselves… but E’s mom will be there till E gets home on Monday afternoon so the boys will be supervised most of the time.
This is a huge weight off my mind bunnies, and I can now look forward to a lovely long weekend with my Glugster!
Time alone, just the two of us!
A few days with just us, all alone!
You can imagine- with my being a single mom- that the two of us don’t get an awful lot of time alone together. Usually where I go, Damien goes too. That’s one of the reasons our date nights are so special to me.
I love how my Glugs still wants to wine and dine me even though he’s already won my heart!
And apart from a long weekend with the Glugster, I have no work next week, the Spanish F1 grand prix to look forward to on Sunday, breakfast with Sweets next Wednesday, and then another long weekend with my sweet heart!
Pop round tomorrow for my take on the Malaysia and Bahrain F1 grands prix from a few weeks back.

10 thoughts on “Oh Thank Goodness…

  1. bridget: lol, advice heeded okay!

    sweets: teehee… we can decide on the day too man!!

    tamara: why thank you, i’m a die hard ferrari supporter!

    jenty: no worries- you’re forgiven- i know you were away…

    gin: ooh, f1 nekkid!!?!

    katy katy katy: and it went by so fast…

  2. mhh long weekends with your honey sounds wonderful. Grumpy and I don’t get that often. Our anniversary is coming up and for the first time I will actually be around so we booked a nice B&B for the night I can’t wait to spend more than a few hours with him

  3. Sounds like you’re going to have an awesome time!! Enjoy it!
    I’ve just seen your tag you posted, I’ll do it tomorrow.

  4. i can’t wait for the weekend and i still have no clue where we should meet for breakfast mwhahahahahaha!!!

  5. how nice will that be – and a load of your shoulders! Enjoy yourselves!

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