Feline Signal-Killer?!

I am giggling at myself here…
I was merrily reading blogs and trying to think of a post about my weekend that didn’t sound incredibly boring and overly detailed when my signal disappeared…
Now, I’ve had a luvverly time with my Vodacom supplied signal when I’m at home (and I mustn’t forget to update you all on that front) so I figured this was a rerun of my signal drama. I logged off, deleted temp files, started everything up again… still no joy.
But I forgot the cardinal rule of IT hassles- checking cables and such.
I discovered that Greebo had taken up his now customary position behind my laptop, where its warm, and in getting himself comfortable had knocked my 3G aerial off my screen where its normally hooked up and was lying on it!
No signal due to a furry barrier!!

As for Vodacom… I’ve had repeated hassles since November last year with my signal. I can MAYBE get two bars of signal at home, if I’m lucky, and in November and then again in late January, my connection was so unbelievably intermittent that I couldn’t even load a blog let alone post anything or leave comments and download emails! I phoned and phoned and phoned. I was told that it was everything from the rain to the hassles with Eskom and eventually they told me they had done something to the signal tower and I shouldn’t have any more hassles. Over December and most of January I had no more problems. I still only had a norm of 2 bars- but it stayed connected thank goodness.
So in January, the phone calls started again! I was getting no joy despite their promises and their calling me back and asking me if it had improved. I eventually went to HelloPeter and left a detailed account of my Vodadrama. They called me back within a couple of days, as the website promises, and called me a few times after that. I stopped having such dreadful intermittent signal- but I still only get maybe two bars. These people knew which towers I use and where I lived and suddenly they were telling me they had to send someone to my flat to test the signal in my flat! That got me fed up- I don’t want them in my house!!!
Anyhoodle, last week, I got a phone call that I was pretty chuffed about.
Vodacom told me they are erecting a new tower near me!!!
How cool is that!

8 thoughts on “Feline Signal-Killer?!

  1. restlesshousewife: the most frustrating thing on the planet i reckon!

    gin: oh he so is…

    louisa: yup- like it has a mind of its own!

    tamara: mwaaaaahahahahahaahaaaaa

    bridget: lolololololol

    polgara: teehee… others will benefit!

    allan: oh it won’t be right outside the window or anything… but thats a non-issue here in goold ol’ sowff effrikuh- they usually erect them in schoolyards and diguise them as trees after fencing them in…

  2. Besides the cancer you will get from living next to a tower, pretty cool news.

    Oi, what is wrong with a geek coming over to fuss at your cables while you check out his buns? Am I the only one who finds men’s buns sexy? Especially young rugged types such as geeks, electricians and the same ilk? Sheesh!

  3. I also tend to forget about checking plugs and cables. Came home the other day and wanted to defrost some chicken in the microwave. the light was off, so I assumed we were being loadshed and stood in the dark for about 20minustes before I figured out it was just unplugged. *blush*

  4. Urgh! It can drive me NUTS when I don’t have signal so I know exactly hoe you feel angel. Here where I am the signal is not too bad, but when I look at the screen of my cellphone it sometimes has the 3G connection and sometimes some or another E connection…the E one is absolute horse-sh_t and takes three times as long to do anything with (at least).

    I can’t really see where on my desk I get which one the strongest, it seems to fluctuate according to it’s own rhymes and reasons.

  5. Ah, the wonderful world of networking challenges – SO annoying – I always end up wanting to kill myself when confronted with any sort of connection issues. Glad to hear your getting a tower near you though! That’s awesome. As long as your feline friend stays out of the mix – you should be good let’s hope!

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