Search Thingies…

Google, AOLSearch,, Live Search, Yahoo… all kinds of search engine results that led people to li’l ol’ moi!!!

And they are AS they were entered, so spelling mistakes and such have not been corrected!
And of course- there are always the cleavage image searches that find me…

Oooh, and check what I found!!!

Ø focusing
Ø leg cast
Ø teacher cleavage
Ø national cleavage week
Ø mom cleavage
Ø granny ass fack
Ø mom get fack
Ø homo fack
Ø fackteens
Ø angel slippery
Ø angel fuck
Ø how does a single mom start dating again
Ø positive things about my boyfriend
Ø dude you make me happy so long
Ø I need sleep
Ø husband talks about another woman in his sleep
Ø is chocolate pronutro bad for an indian myna
Ø “enough about me lets talk about my blog”
Ø mom blogs and south Africa
Ø “what do you have for breakfast”
Ø embarrassing punishments
Ø myspace layouts about panic attacks
Ø grampa keyring
Ø how do i know how they found my blog
Ø baby Gryphon poems

10 thoughts on “Search Thingies…

  1. polgara: i’m working on it…

    sweets: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa

    ruby: you know its a bird right?

    tamara: i can’t stomach any pronutro…

    jenty: i thought so too!

    globus: so glad!

    hotsteppa: mwaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaa

    writeprocrastinator: lolololol… i think i used it once instead of using the actual “f” word…

    ginnygirl: i google everything… so it makes perfect sense to me, lol!

  2. Some of those are a little confusing … I wouldn’t have thought to google “is chocolate pronutro bad for an indian myna” I guess.

  3. “what do you have for breakfast”

    Fack and eggs, a little toast and some fackin’ jam…wha?


    Sounds like a goose trying to describe the dirty deed.

  4. some classics here….in particular the halfwits searching for ‘fack’, ‘grampa keyring’ and, most troubling of all, ‘angel fuck’. globus likes these traffic posts. lol.

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