Some Mushy Romantic Sappy Stuff

Thassaright bunnies- so brace yourselves.

My Glugster has changed me! I am not the same person I was 6 months ago. Today we’ve been together for 5 months, and neither of us can get over how its been so short a time. It feels much longer and way too normal… and it has from the beginning.

For example… I find myself gazing at my Glugster whilst we’re driving somewhere… just watching him watch the road.
I send him a good morning text message every week day, and on Saturdays if he’s working.
I write love letters and email them to him as jpeg files with a picture I took as a background.
When I can snuggle up against him to watch TV, I am in heaven.
When I wake up without him, it feels strange and I want to call him immediately to say hello… but I know he’s still sleeping.
I have “girlfriend shoulder” on the right… from always sleeping on my right side so I can cuddle him whilst we sleep.

No matter what Damien does, or how Damien and I fight, he helps me put the brakes on- and loves me anyway!
He calls me every night when we’re not together, and just before the phone rings I find myself looking at it- willing it to ring.

He is endlessly patient with me and with Damien… I can’t get over it!
I love the way he loves to touch me.
He tells me I am sexy, and he calls me gorgeous… I melt.

18 thoughts on “Some Mushy Romantic Sappy Stuff

  1. Wonderful news, Angel … I’m very pleased to read that you’re so happy together.
    Is Glugster one of these “new” men who helps out with the housework, etc.?

  2. c@th: aaaw thanx!

    lopz: mwa!

    bridget: lololol

    tamara: i am too… and i also figured b would have something to say!

  3. Hehehe… I knew Bridget would bring some balance.

    So glad you’ve got your fairytale, Angel.

  4. writeprocrastinator: mwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaa

    meherenow: lol- i’ll let him know & i’ll be right over!

    m.i.: thank you so much- and happy mother’s day to you too!

    katy katy katy: makes me feel very grownup sometimes!

    faerie: aawww… ta faerie!

    ginnygirl: lol, sorry!

    sweets: i sure hope so!

  5. hmmmmm…. bokkie…
    You two making some poor people feel far to blerrie jealous laaik..

    Would you mind throwing them a bone (not glugsters please) and tell them about him leaving the loo seat up or how he picks his teeth with your hairbrush.. anything.. something.. come on..

    😛 hehehehehe

  6. So happy for you sweetheart… very very deserved. AND … you never settled

  7. aww I am so happy for you. Grumpy and I are like that we also have the connection we one will look at the phone right before the other calls.

  8. Sounds 100% perfect and I am very happy for you. Keep on moving forward and enjoy every second of it!

    It is so wonderful when you can start over again and know what you do want and don’t want.

    I have an angel of a man who took on all three of us. Been 7 years now and now ones knows he is not the biological father. He is aweseome. I hope this is the same for you. You so deserve it!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  9. Ahhhh that’s so lovely!

    Hold on to all the good things and I hope they grow into lifelong habits that never dwindle.

    I’m glad he’s making you happy because I can’t afford a plane ticket to come kick his butt right now!


  10. Yes, yes. Get a couple spoons of raisins, some cinnamon and a little bit of sugar for that 100% m-u-s-h.

    Actually, skip the sugar because you two are too sweet ; )

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