Happy Mommydom Day All You All!

Sunday was very full and busy, and I had a truly luvverly Mothers’ Day!

The knucklehead gave me my first Lindt chocolate– with pistachios (my favourite nut) in it- and a card (supplied by my darling Glugster as Damien forgot all about mothers’ day), and what Damien wrote inside is some of the best blackmail material I have ever received! My Glugster gave me a card and a bouquet of flowers- even though he didn’t technically have to as we’re not married and Damien is not his son… he spoilt me anyway. Oh how I adore that man!

We met my folks at Lanseria for their restaurant’s buffet lunch, which was awesome- queuing for a carvery and being fed free Frangelico and Cape Velvet is nothing to sniff at I tell ya! And their dessert table… wow! And I only took one picture of the food ‘coz my batteries were going flat (when am I going to learn) and the desserts were mouth watering and oh so deserving of a picture!!! My mommy darling gave me a Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Quiz Book– is that not marvellous!!?! I gave her a flower bedecked tea-for-one set!
After a long leisurely lunch, my Glugs suggested we go looking for the Wondercave and safari park*, as we’d noticed in the map book that morning that we weren’t far from it. Off we went, in superb weather and with very full tummies!
It was fairly close, and we headed straight for the Wondercave. It was mine and Damien’s first spelunking adventure and the cave was truly marvellous. It’s hot and deep with about 100 steep steps leading down to an elevator; and once inside there’s 80% humidity! Sadly my camera batteries were too flat to allow for too many pictures in the dark, but I managed to get a few. The tour is about half an hour, but what nearly killed us was the walk out! Those steps are murder on a smoker’s lungs I tell you!! After ice cream and cold drinks we set off into the park.

It was too late for us to head for the lion park (the lions are separate from the animals) so we drove around and eventually found our way to the picnic area and animal crèche- just managing to smile sweetly and slip inside before they closed the gates. The picnic area is marvellous! You can braai or buy food and there’s a reptile “gallery” with snakes and spiders and the safari park “crèche” is in the same place. In the crèche there’re flamingo, secretary birds and pelicans, AND lion, cheetah and tiger cubs and a baby hippo.

The drive through the park proper was spectacular! They have rhino, springbok, eland, buffalo, blue and black wildebeest, impala, ostrich, zebra, rooi hartebeest, gemsbok, warthogs, waterbuck… with lots of “salt licks” close to the road to attract the animals. And there’s a place on a hill where they feed the vultures and you can go and watch from a hide (we didn’t get there either). I’ve never seen rhino or vultures in the wild like that!
It’s well worth a visit if you ever wonder what to do with the kidlets on a weekend.

We stopped and got Chinese take-out on the way home- luckily- when we got home the power was out and I wouldn’t have been able to cook anything!

I missed the Turkish F1 too… my Glugs set his DVD machine to record it for me, but the power dying on us meant the machine didn’t finish recording. I am glad that my beloved red fire engines scored a first and third!

I had a truly marvellous mother’s day bunnies… and I hope all you mommies out there did too!

Ooh- and I got to meet more of my Glugster’s family on Saturday! His older brother and father celebrated their birthdays last friday, so we went through to his folk’s place for a braai. I was very nervous about meeting his brother and SIL for the first time, but they’re really cool- and my Glug’s niece and nephew are adorable!

* thanx for the Safari Park link Jenty- I searched everywhere unsuccessfully for the bloody thing!

8 thoughts on “Happy Mommydom Day All You All!

  1. Happy very belated Mother’s day! You so deserve it as you seem like an incredible mother!

  2. Way late but happy mother’s day lol
    Thanks for the link. Think I must take my boys there!

  3. tamara: absolutely!

    sweets: i thought you’d like that- and there’s a link now thanx to jenty!

    jenty: thanx for the link- i could not find it! we’ll be going back soon to see everything!

    bridget: ya think…?

  4. so cool! i immediately forwarded the link to my sister for our next family outing hehe!!!
    do you have a link for the safari park ??

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