This Is How I Roll!

In no particular order… ‘coz I didn’t feel like re-arranging them.

LOL- did these make any sense to anyone?

Sweets tagged me yesterday to photograph my trip to work. My trip is not nearly as long as hers and I don’t see statues and monuments and such. And I go very early so there’s not too much traffic… So what did I learn this morning?

My hand shakes!

Lines in the road may appear straighter than they are…

Municipal worker strikes result in inordinate amounts of dustbins on the street- because people leave them there in the hope that the strike will be over by the time they get home!

Every house has a wall- thats why we don’t do Halloween.

Little box like structures draped with sacks unfold later in the day- into roadside restaurants replete with advertising and chairs!

It is possible to walk barefoot in the street in winter.

Morning mist on stormwater drains doesn’t last very long…

da Bruvva doesn’t expect to be photographed when I pick him up!

There’s fargin Gautrain construction everywhere!

The construction site down the road from my office is indeed abandoned…

The place I spend the first hour of my day in is dull dull dull!

Stadium lights are HUGE!

I am awake and en-route to work WAAAAAAAAAY too early!
There is some art…

The entrance to my offices is WIIIIIDE open!!!

I think our neighbours are spies…

5 thoughts on “This Is How I Roll!

  1. sweets: you are a genius- this was a jol!!!

    jenty: ooh i would love to see yours!

    allan: hhmmm… maybe thats why i see curtains twitching all the time!

  2. I bet your neighbors think that you are a spy…taking pictures of everything and all.

  3. (*(*crowd going wild*)*)
    ah man that was brilliant!!!
    i am such a genius i tell you!!!
    so cool to see how you did it, well done tjomma, i think you get first prize 😉

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