I Been Hit! Gasp, Splutter, Wheeze… I’m Hit! Go On Without Me Bunnies, I’m Not Gonna Make It… Save Yourselves!

Did you even read the title!!?!
Ja okay- don’t panic- I often don’t read them either.
Anyhoodle… MeHereNow has made me “it” in a tag list of 5 things… so here goes!

5 things in my bag
1 One half-full asthma inhaler… draw your own conclusions!
2 One tube of Nivea soft intensive moisturising cream because I battle with unbelievably dry and itchy hands in winter
3 A half full tube of Medisan waterless hand cleaner ‘coz I hate touching things like elevator buttons, shopping trolley handles and escalator banisters
4 April’s monthly progress report from Damien’s school, on which he appears to be going along swimmingly
5 One Maybelline define-a-lash mascara… I LOVE this stuff

5 favorite things in my room
1 A block-mounted MC Escher poster
2 A stuffed dragon that a dear friend brought me for my birthday from the USA
3 My faux fur throw
4 My two jewellery stands shaped liked headless-ladies
5 My big soft brown teddy bear that my BBFF gave me last year when I had my surgery

5 things I have always wanted to do
1 See Machu Picchu
2 Bike the 29th parallel
3 Visit the Sistine Chapel to see Michelangelo’s ceiling
4 Visit Africa’s west coast and photograph the shipwrecks and abandoned mining towns
5 Make wedding planning a career

5 things I’m currently into
1 Blogging
2 My Glugster
3 Stargate SG-1 (season 1 to 6 on DVD)
4 The Dune Saga
5 DigiScrapping

5 people to tag
1 my BBFF Gen
2 my tjomma Sweets
3 my fellow F1 enthusiast NOSJunkie
4 and Sunflower
5 Darla the military wife

14 thoughts on “I Been Hit! Gasp, Splutter, Wheeze… I’m Hit! Go On Without Me Bunnies, I’m Not Gonna Make It… Save Yourselves!

  1. I disagree with Bridget, I stood there gazing in awe, it was amazing, definitely visit the Sistine Chapel it is worth it 🙂
    see machu picchu again, one day for me too…

  2. Thanks for the tag! I too have dry skin and love LOVE Stargate SG-1. It’s so titillating!

    I also love the puzzles that MC Escher creates. Fantastic!

    I better get my blog on. I’m so behind!

  3. moooooog35: hhmmm… how bout “5 things in your bedside drawer” and “5 things in your bathroom cabinet”?

  4. I’m a guy. I don’t have a bag. I’m looking at some alternatives:

    I’d do “5 things in my pocket”, but it’s all lint.

    If I do “5 things in my wallet,” it’s pretty much just dead moths.

    Suggestions appreciated.

    You can put them in this bag.

  5. terri: i imagine it would be quite a queue!

    glugster: ;P
    it wouldn’t suprise me!

  6. I’m embarrassed to admit that I was in Rome and opted not to go up into the Sistine Chapel to look at the masterpiece… purely because the queue was too long! In my defence, I looked at lots of other cultural stuff 🙂

  7. sage: mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa

    bobbi: noted, thanx!

    sweets: don’t be such a baby!!

    tamara: i’m going to ask my glugs to record it for me- just in case… ;-P
    mayhap we can watch it there?

    bridget: lol… i still wanna see it!

  8. “Visit the Sistine Chapel to see Michelangelo’s ceiling”

    Don’t bother, it makes your head whirl and you wonder why the hell he did it in the first place!

  9. You’re coming on Sun, right? You think the girls will be offended if I rush off to watch the F1? Have you made plans to tape it or what?

    Sorry… lots of questions.

  10. Don’t bother with stargate after season 8. It isn’t that entertain anymore.

  11. well the only thing I see is that it would appear that Glugster would be into you not the other way around

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