Brace Yourselves…

I love how my Glugs will take my hand and twirl me around before holding me tight and kissing me.
I love how my Glugs will come and stand behind me, putting his arms around me whilst I’m busy with some chore.
I love how my Glugs laughs at me when I talk back to the TV.
I love how my Glugs is so endlessly patient with me and with Damien’s shennanigans.
I love how my Glugs is going to let me plant a herb garden when we move in together.
I love how my Glugs loves to spoil me.
I love how my Glugs likes to spend time with just the two of us, like on actual dates.

I have wracked my brain for a bad habit that annoys me… but I’m sorry Ruby- we haven’t even had a fight yet!
Sorry to disappoint you all… I reckon this is as good as it gets!!!

12 thoughts on “Brace Yourselves…

  1. sage: mwaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaa

    terri: ta!!

    shebee: aaaw you shoulda said it anyway!

  2. i threw up a little in my mouth, but got it swallowed back down, so no worries.


    Have a great weekend!

  3. sweets: that’s a beautiful line…

    the jackson files: oh abso-fargin-lutely!!!

    c@th: mwa

    becauseican: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa… i wonder what he’ll do if i bite his bum!!?! i won’t argue about how much fun make-up sex is… but i think that since we’re still shagging like rabbits we haven’t needed it!

    tamara: no worries girl- i think i’m over that stage…

    ruby: ta… and i’ll try not to go overboard in the detail department, or i’ll post a warning so you can skip the post…

  4. *sigh* Gross as i find this….i have to admit that i’m really happy for you guys;) and i’m very excited for you..really:) but pls…don’t give too much details ok??

    a herb garden??? ooooh fabulous!!! i luuuuuver those! i’ve been attempting to make one for weeks…but i’m never at home, and when i am i’m sleeping or working…so needless to say..i haven’t gotten very far yet…*sigh*

  5. lol@ tamara!!

    You telling me you dont agree with the whole makeup sex thingy??

    Make me behave ..mwahahahaha!

  6. Angel, you better not only talk about Glug on Sun, k? Wonderful as he is, you’ll have to rein yourself in.

    bic: Behave yourself!

  7. No fights??

    Then how do you have make up sex??

    Make up sex.. yum yum.. bring it on.. almost makes you wanna bite them on the arse to get to kiss it better…

  8. You know what? That is pretty damn adorable. It’s really wonderful to love and be loved, isn’t it?

  9. that’s beautiful tjomma!!

    i used the following lines as part of my wedding vows~ not that i’m hinting at anything! (stole it out of a Robin Hood movie hehe) and it sounds like this is how he makes you feel…

    “you make the bees buzz in my breast and you bring springtime to my heart…”

    stunning eh?! just like you 2 🙂

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