Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Oh bunnies… sometimes my knucklehead just makes my day!

On Thursday afternoon, Damien and I made a quick trip to Pick ‘n Pay for bread, milk, coke and smokes and such- you know- necessities. Since I had a wee bit of extra money, I bought myself a chocolate and asked Damien if he wanted one too.
He said no, he’d rather have something cold and chose a chocolate King Cone like the one in the picture.
After we’d paid and we were walking home again, Damien opened and started eating his ice cream.
As we walked through a covered hallway in the mini-mall near our flat, Damien was walking next to me and suddenly said “Aaargh… oh no!”
He didn’t stop walking though so I looked at him and asked “What?”
He replied “One of my balls fell off!”

That was the end of me… I was paraletic and half blind from hysterical laughter!

Thank goodness my boy has a sense of humour and laughed right along with me! I love you knucklehead!!

10 thoughts on “Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

  1. m.i.: πŸ˜€ why thank you!

    bridget: me too!

    louisa: πŸ˜€

    supermom: innit just!?

    nick: πŸ˜€

    katy katy katy: ta for popping round!

    donn: me too!

    southern sage: innit just!

    sleepyjane: heh heh…

  2. yeah I love those comments – I am very good at saying the “wrong” thing and make people laugh unintentionally.

    Oh I read the other posts too the Black Mamba is one I can do without seeing – the being stuck in the mud would be scary

    I am glad to hear you and Glugs haven’t fought yet Grumpy and I rarely do I can count the times on one hand

    I am happy to hear you are happy

  3. Oh goodness!!!! That is SO funny! Good think he knows how to take a joke πŸ™‚

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