Another Fantastical Weekend!

Friday night Damien was at school for a LAN night, so my Glugs and I decided to make the most of it and turned it into a date night. He took me to an exquisite Greek restaurant with the French name Byzance. The décor was simply blogger heaven I tell you (photos on my photo blog) and the food was magic! We started by sharing a cheese platter, and then I had duck (for the first time), saffron-fig duck no less, served with fresh cooked veggies, pumpkin and mashed potato. It was divine! Glugs had a seafood mousaka- with shrimp, calamari, linefish, potato & aubergine. I’ve never had mousaka- it looked a little like a quiche. Glugs enjoyed it thoroughly. Sadly we were both too full for dessert…

On Saturday, we were up at sparrow fart to fetch the knucklehead from the LAN party, and then when we got home we were pretty much wide awake. I downloaded my emails and played online a bit, then my Glugs and I watched some more Stargate before dozing off again. We woke up a little later to have some lunch and I left the knucklehead to sleep off his LAN till about 2pm.
At 3pm on Saturday we headed for The Spires for an outride. My Glugs had never been and was understandably nervous… but he got a wonderful friesian named King Arthur, aka Mr Beefy, who was a dream to ride! I rode a chestnut pony, belonging to my friend M, named BillyB and Damien rode another of M’s horses named Redwing. My friend M rode her own friesian saddler cross named Feiko. He’s simply gorgeous!! We kept our ride down to an hour- which was perfect as I hadn’t ridden in an age and it was Glugs’ first time. We had a blast and we’ll probably be back sometime (photos of this adventure also on my photoblog).
After the ride, we all crashed- and when my Glugs woke me up in the afternoon I was totally non-compos-mentos so my Glugs played computer games and left me to sleep ALL NIGHT!!!

Read my next post to hear about the first BlogGirls lunch!!

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  1. You are so lucky in more ways than one. Not only do you have a good guy that loves you, he seems to know every good restaurant in South Africa.

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