So How Was The First BlogGirls Lunch?

I know you’re all just DYING to know!!! And I know my “report” on our date is late- but I wanted to make sure I got everything in!!

Well, first off, I was honoured to be part of the inaugural event. And it was truly a momentous occasion, bunnies- lemme tell you that straight up and on the record!

The lunch party- all seated at a big round table (how cool is that?)- consisted of myself, the inimitable Sweets; tiny Tamara from Doodles of a Journo; the gawjiss SleepyJane; the fantabulous Jackson Files accompanied by the darling Jackson himself; the beautiful MsMozi; and the mastermind behind the event- Phillygirl from Glad To Be A Girl.

And like WOW man- very VERY cool company!

Sweets and I- having been through this twice before, when we met each other and when we met Glugster- appeared a lot more nonchalant than we felt! We got hopelessly lost both en-route to ‘Nde Bush AND coming home (thank goodness for cigarettes, map books and gracious security guards). We were giggly and chatty in the car, wondering if we were going to be the only ones there and did we look okay and what everyone else would be like and would the conversation be easy or what!!?! Typical blind date stuff… even though it wasn’t technically a date, that’s what it felt like. I am so glad I had Sweets to “hold my hand”!!! I greeted Tamara first- as she and Phillygirl were seated at the table and waved Sweets and I over when we arrived- and I was stunned by how petite she is- I sort of expected her to be tall and imposing almost, being a journalist and all that! Phillygirl then subjected herself to a hug from me and we were all talking at once about how cold it was and how we’d gotten lost and and and! The place was almost completely empty when we arrived and for a while I thought we’d have the place to ourselves… but by 1:30pm it was packed! I think MsMozi arrived next followed by Jackson’s mom (and precious little Jackson) and last but by no means least, SleepyJane. And thank goodness Sweets and I weren’t the only ones who got lost!

Though I’ve been reading Tamara for a while, I must admit to not having visited MsMozi or SleepyJane before, and still pretty much lurking at Phillygirl’s place- but having met them I now want to visit and get to know them better! As for putting a voice and a face to Jackson’s mom- waaay cool!

What fun it was putting voices- and in a lot of cases faces- to blogs we all frequent. And nervous as we all were, the conversation didn’t let up at all- even when the food arrived! Much gluhwein, beer, coffee and coke was consumed and we ate like royalty lemme tell you- I highly recommend that there restaurant both for atmosphere and for good food. We discussed all sorts of aspects of blogging and how we’d all gotten started.

And I went armed with my camera, as usual, and was quite surprised to be the only one there with a camera! VERY un-blogger-like girls!!! And I didn’t even get pictures of all the food!!! NO pressure on me at all… ROTFLMAO

We laughed a lot and the afternoon wasn’t nearly long enough in my opinion! I have already signed myself up for the next one!!

I also had my towel with me- it was towel day after all…

p.s. girls, if anyone did not receive the photographs please let me know so I can resend them!

9 thoughts on “So How Was The First BlogGirls Lunch?

  1. Sounds like you had a ball!
    Maybe next time… I’d be armed with a camera too… it would be less intimidating for me LOL!

  2. It sounds like it was a blast. I did mention that the location was just off the beaten track.

  3. sweets: me either!!!

    sleepyjane: my pleasure and i agree!

    becauseican: we did indeed!!

    tamara: oh but “short” would SO not do you justice! i’ll mail you tonight.

  4. I don’t think you have my email address for photos –

    Love the fact that you said ‘petite’ and not ‘short’. It makes all the difference to me 😉

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